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Hen Party Games

Hen Party Drinking Games Part 2

hen party drinking games part 2

So you are in the hotel room, there’s some bubbly on the go, everyone is starting the break the ice. Part of you just wants to fast forward an hour from now to when that ice is firmly broken and the night is underway. Whilst there is no fast forward button, how about we speed things up by helping everyone loosen up?

8 Hilarious Photo based Hen Party Dares

The internet offers a wealth of ideas when it comes to hen party dares – you’re not exactly at a loss. However, times change and sometimes ‘pinch the waiters bum’ is just not going to cut it. Moving with the current trends photo dares have never been more popular. Everything is documented now and shared through the likes of Snapchat and Instagram.

Hen Party Games - Part 3

hen party games

Welcome to our hen party games part 3 – because we know you enjoyed hen party games part 1 and hen party games part 2.

Hen Party Games - Part 2

So you enjoyed our Hen Party Games - Part 1

Hen Party Games – Part 1

Here at UKGirlThing, we are full of hen party ideas! Turns out hen party game ideas are ones we are particularly good at. Dealing with hundreds of thousands of hen parties over the years, we have gotten many-an-idea of the sort of hen party games you girls enjoy. Icebreakers, risk takers and belly shakers – we’ve got them all!

4 Top Hen Party Dares

Hen do dares are a great way to add a bit of harmless fun to a hen party and also a great icebreaker if people are out together for the first time.

Hen Party Truth or Dare

A great way to spice up the hen party night and get everyone in the party spirit is by playing a game of truth or dare.

With that decided the next thing you need to think about is what truth or dares do you use to get everyone in fits of laughter and turning a few faces red?

Our top 5 hen party games to get the party started!

Your best little black dress is on, hair has been curled to within an inch of its life and your room now resembles some kind of make-up factory explosion, but after what seems like an eternity you and the girls are officially ready to get the night started!