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Top 4 Hen Party Activities

Okay so the sparkler is on the bride’s finger and there were giggles, hugs and cosmopolitans all round when you were asked by a slightly inebriated mate to organize the most important night of her life – her hen party! You may not have the readies of Rhianna who has been designated as Katie Perry’s hen organizer but we can ensure your weekend is hot enough to melt your popsicles!

Activities –Ask yourselves - what do you really want to do? Whether you are pampered princesses or action angels UKGirlThing offer a vast array tried and tested Hen Party Activities in central locations so you won’t have to spend time researching yourself.

Cocktail Making

There is more to Cocktail making than vigorously shaking a cocktail maker, pouring the contents into a glass and popping an umbrella on the top! Enter the world of Mixology – Cocktail Making is a finely tuned art – get is right and you will experience an tantalizing explosion of pure pleasure on your taste buds however get it wrong and you face may resemble that of a 5 year old taking a particularly pants tasting medicine. You will get a private lesson from a team of mixologists who will take you through the delight of making the perfect cocktail. What these boys and girls don’t know about cocktails is not worth the lime in your Mojito! You will spend time tasting various cocktails and learn the perfect cocktail making techniques. Quicker than you can say Budem Zdorovy (Cheers) you and your ladies will be shaking your blenders like Tom Cruise in Cocktail!

Pole Dancing

With A List starlets such as Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan and Brittany Spears being splashed over lads and celeb mags seductively draping themselves around poles it is little wonder that ladies up and down the country have been clamoring to get in on the act and learn the art of Pole Dancing. And let’s face it who could forget Kate Moss’s raunchy pole dance in the White Stripes Video? Pole dancing has moved away dramatically from what people may have previously considered a little risqué to not only being an activity that you can have an absolute giggle with your girly mates as you wind and grind but will also keep you tantalizingly toned! Our instructors are professionally experienced Pole Dancers the emphasis is on the fun factor where you will have the opportunity to learn simple but sexy moves in a relaxed environment.


Arranging a wedding can be a somewhat stressful affair; you’ve sorted the dress, arranged the flowers, deliberated over every colour scheme imaginable and sorted the venue and probably driven yourself crazy in the process. Now is the perfect time to rally up your girly mates and treat yourselves to a bit of beautifying, pampering and relaxation. There’s definitely an art to getting gorgeous whilst having fun and this Spa-rty package will leave you feeling revitalized and rejuvenated allowing you to emerge glowing and gorgeous for you all important evening ahead. Your Spa-rty Package includes: 1) Chocolate Fountain with marshmallows, fudge, fresh strawberry and banana dips 2) Individual Foot Spas, Prescription Face Masks, Head Bands, Towels, Toweling Robe & Disposable slippers 3) Individual TreatmentsWe think this particular little activity will leave you feeling like you have just had a two holiday in the Maldives and buffed to perfection!

VIP After Dark

The evening activity is penultimate part of a hen weekend for most groups so whether you are more of a Belini Babe of Lambrini Lady our VIP After Dark Package suits all groups. On arrival to the venue you will be treated like true VIP’s as you sip your welcome glass of bubbly on arrival, you will then enjoy a sumptuous 3 course meal to line your stomachs for those cheeky drinks  later and fuel your energy levels for when you take to the dance floor later. With your meal you will also be treated to ½ a bottle of wine per person. Once your are suitable fed and watered it is time to make your way through to the club where you will receive VIP Guest List Entry to the club – no shivering in a seemingly never ending queue in your foxiest little number for your ladies! Some venues just don’t appreciate a hen party – yes we know it is difficult to believe but the venues we use for a VIP After Dark Package simply love you guys and will ensure that you are treated with the reverence and respect befitting all hens!

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