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4 Top Hen Party Dares

Hen do dares are a great way to add a bit of harmless fun to a hen party and also a great icebreaker if people are out together for the first time.

Hen Party Dare ideas

For your last night as a free woman, you deserve to have the time of your life! It might be your last chance to get wild and there is no better way than using Hen Party dare cards! They are a great way to really get everyone in the spirit and they will guarantee lots of laughs as they are the perfect dares for girls! So, in the spirit of some great Hen Party Ideas, we present our 4 top hen party dares! These are all sure to get the whole group mingling and laughing together which will break any tension for members of the group that haven't met each other before. Pare the hen party dares along with some hilarious hen do forfeits! If someone can't complete a dare then give them a hen party forfeit they have to do as punishment. 

Hen party dares


Let’s start our Top 4 Hen party dares using the power of talking! It’s amazing and so funny to see how some people believe everything you tell them! Look at what we have selected for you:

  1. Collect as many guys’ phone numbers as you can in 10 minutes!
  2. Approach a stranger and pretend you’ve known him for years…
  3. Make up false nicknames for your hens and use them throughout the evening – any mistakes warrants hen do forfeits!
  4. Phone mum and say wedding’s off.
  5. Pretend to be someone famous to get a free drink
  6. Get the phone number of a man whose name is the same as the groom to be’s.
  7. Chat up a man at the bar and get him to buy you a drink.
  8. Convince a man to flash his bum
  9. Blow a kiss to every man at the bar
  10. Convince a stranger you used to be a man.
  11. Tell a man at the bar your deepest sexual fantasy.
  12. Convince someone to tell you their deepest sexual fantasy.
  13. Show the group your best impression of the groom to be.
  14. Share your darkest secret with the group
  15. Start a local football teams chant.


In number 3, we have drinking dares! They might be the most cliché ones, but there are also indispensable for every hen party! See our very own selection below:

  1. Down your drink in one!
  2. Convince a male to buy you an expensive drink!
  3. Talk to a stranger and pretend you knew him from your childhood. The longer you can keep the bluff going, the more drinks your Hens owe you!
  4. Ban the groom’s name from the night and make the bride-to-be down a drink every time she mentions him.
  5. You can’t have a drink unless a man buys it for you!
  6. Choose a random man’s drink, down it and walk away like nothing ever happened.
  7. Jump behind the bar and ring the bell pretending that you’re calling last orders.
  8. Drink a shot with your hands behind your back
  9. Time for some shots! Down 3 shots in a row.
  10. Order a drink in a foreign accent.

Please remember to drink responsibly!

2.  ACTION party DARES

Number 2 is…Action party dares! It’s time to spice things up with very racy dares…Forget about your pride by having no limit fun doing exactly what you want. Here are our hen night dares for girls who mean business!

  1. Walk around the bar with your skirt tucked into your knickers (if you’re brave enough!!)
  2. Remove your bra without taking your top off
  3. Collect as many men's boxer shorts as you can in 10 minutes.
  4. Dance like a chicken!
  5. In 20 min, collect an empty bottle, a bus ticket, a beer mat, a menthol cigarette, an autograph from a stranger, a slice of lemon, a business card... AND learn a football chant for the local team!
  6. Select a certain song title, and every time it’s called out the group must do a pre-designated dance (e.g. Saturday Night Fever).
  7. Stand in a public place, preferably on a chair or table, as a living statue for as long as possible. The rest of the party can decide what you should imitate.
  8. Have a man autograph a specified body part or item of clothing.
  9. Do a 30 second Irish river dance in front of the whole bar.
  10. Take a photo with a police officer and wear their hat.
  11. Choose a random man, get down onto one knee and propose to him. (extra points if you kiss afterwards).
  12. Wear a bridal veil made of toilet paper.
  13. Convince a stranger to serenade you.
  14. Sing the bride to be’s favourite song.
  15. Go to the bathroom and leave with toilet paper hanging from your pants (must reach your ankles).
  16. Jump on a stranger's back and piggyback ride until they throw you off.
  17. Lick a random guy’s nipple.
  18. Build a penis from the items that are laying around you.
  19. Convince a stranger you’re famous.
  20. Swap an item of clothing with a man (double points if you swap underwear).

1.  FLIRTY party DARES

Our TOP party dares are the flirty dares, just perfect for any fabulous hen nights! It’s your last chance to use “wisely” your seductive skills… Here are some of our favourite flirty dares…

  1. Kiss the first man you see with a moustache/bald head/white socks
  2. Chat up or kiss the male version of the Spice Girls (Sporty, Ginger, Posh, Scary and Baby)
  3. Kiss two brothers (double points for twins!)
  4. Kiss someone old, someone new, someone borrowed & someone blue (blue could be a policeman or someone wearing blue).
  5. Remove a man’s belt without using your hands.
  6. Act out your favourite sex position
  7. Shout “I’m horny, who’s taking me home” in a crowded bar.
  8. Go commando for the next 20minutes
  9. Put an ice cube down your pants until it’s completely melted.
  10. Give your phone to the group and let them text anyone they want… and anything they want.

Think your Hen Party can take on these hen dares? Put yourselves to the test and download the complete hen do dares list today to keep track and count how many your hen party can handle! If your hen party can complete all 55 dares send UK Girl Thing a photo over Twitter or Facebook for a chance to become the Hen Party of the month.

Simply click the images below and start handing out the very best hen dares. 

hen party dares checklist
hen party dares checklist

Hen do dares a great way to add a bit of harmless fun to a hen party and also a great icebreaker if people are out together for the first time!  Don't worry about writing all of the dares down, we have some free printable hen party dare cards just for you! Although if you’re worried your group isn’t quite as daring as you how about some truth cards instead? Or perhaps just some hen party games to keep up that fun hen do vibe throughout the night. Everything you will ever need!

p.s. UKGirlThing cannot be held responsible for any dares undertaken! ;)


hen party dare cards hen party truth cards
hen party games hen party tshirt names

If these hen night dares aren’t enough for your girls then why not head on over to our hen party truth or dare questions or if you’re looking for some more hilarious photo dares or even if you’re just wondering how you can survive a hen party packed with hen do dares and games.

Worried the groom is getting off lightly? Then send them over to the Stag Do Dares page on our brother site GentsEvents and make him do some hilarious dares as well so he isn’t missing out!

Editor’s Note: This post was originally published in July 2012 and has been completely revamped and updated for accuracy and comprehensiveness.

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