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Top 10 Hen Party Cities & Destinations to Discover

Picking the best place for your hen party is never easy so here are our top 10 hen party destinations to help. An understanding of what each city has to offer and what you and the girls are looking for is essential. 

Best place for a hen party, the facts!

To help we have pulled together the best places for a hen do picked by our very own hens over the last 5 years. After all, if they have won over our hen’s hearts and minds as worthy of being one of the best places for a hen party they might just win over yours too! 

best place for a hen party in 2018 over the last 5 years

Are you shocked or surprised at what has made the list of the top 10 hen party destinations over the years? Where do you see being the best place for a hen party in 2018? If you are after a sneak peek into 2018 read our top 10 hen party destinations for 2018!

London Hen Weekends

Are we set for London to hold its place as the best place for a hen party in 2018 too?

Over the years it has been winning over our hen’s hearts and minds as the best place for a hen do. Could this have been influenced by the rise of Hackney and Brick Lane, with Freakshake’s and cereal restaurants delighting our taste buds?

Or perhaps they too wanted to visit Kumbuka, London Zoo's rebel gorilla that drank 5 litres of undiluted blackcurrant squash when he escaped back in 2016. Or is it just because we can never fall out of love with London. It is full to the brim with excitement, wonder and where anything is possible. Even squash drinking gorillas! 

Birmingham Hen Weekends

All the Brummie love in 2015 and 2016, could this have anything to do with Grand Central opening? The shopaholic's new haven and destination pushing it in top ranks for one of the best places for a hen party.

Nottingham Hen Weekends

The steady rise of Nottingham, could this be related to the injection of life and love in the creative quarter, particularly in the Hockley area? With cocktail bars in abundance it is not a city to disappoint. Read the top cocktail bars Nottingham has to offer to see if it wins you over too? 

Cardiff Hen Weekends

Cardiff crawling up the ranks, I am convinced this is due to their great drunk food on offer from pizzas made from burgers & donner meant to chocolate Kebabs!

Leeds Hen Weekends

The steady pace of Leeds. We keep going back year on year and not just for the Leeds festival! A strong city that

Manchester Hen Weekends

With so many hen party ideas and activities, it is no wonder it is consistently in the ranks for being one of the top 10 places for a hen do year after year. Maybe it’s the Manchurian accent, or because it’s the birthplace of Coronation Street or it is just an amazing night out and great city! 

Best place for a hen do, the whys!

Know it’s time to discover and delve deeper into the cities that have been winning our hearts over the years! Find out a little but more to see which city will be winning you over this year. What’s the best place for your hen do?


Let’s see our top 10 hen party cities to discover!  

10.  Edinburgh

The first city in our top 10 hen cities is…Edinburgh! From the magnificent Edinburgh Castle and the fascinating Camera Obscura to eclectics’ shops of the vibrant Grassmarket area, not to mention the unmissable Whisky tasting and the amazing freaky Frankenstein pub, Edinburgh turns out to be ideal for a hen weekend to remember! Not only you’ll be in the oldest city of the country with the most amazing views and places but you’ll also find the fun, chic and trendy atmosphere you’re looking for! So don’t let anything get in the way of you and the incredible opportunity to do a fabulous hen party in Edinburgh

9.  Bournemouth

Because your Hen weekend has to be special, let’s take a look at a hen party in Bournemouth, the 9th top hen destinations! With its beautiful sandy beach, action packed pier and not forgetting the fantastic night life, this city is fast becoming one of the most popular hen weekend destinations in the UK! You’ll see that there are plenty of things to do:  you can visit the great Russell-Cotes Art Gallery & Museum, have a stroll along the Pier, hire a beach hut and get in the water, go to the Bournemouth International Centre, enjoy beachside attractions like Bournemouth Rib Experience and have a fabulous shopping day in the stunning Avenue Shopping Centre! Could you dream of a better destination than the fabulous Bournemouth beach for your hen party of a lifetime?

8.  York

When it comes to excitement, a hen party in York is definitely in the 10 TOP destinations list! In at number 8 is this lively, walled, riverside city filled with beautiful historic streets, vibrant café culture, stunning art galleries and numerous world class attractions. Once you’re there, you can explore the exciting, scary and fun York Dungeon or simply stroll around the city. You’ll just love the very special atmosphere of York: fun, lively, charming…unique! In this city, you can just be yourself, with no moderation, and enjoy your last moment of freedom…So, will you dare go the most haunted city in Europe for a hen party weekend to remember?

7.  Brighton

Looking for “THE” hen weekend destination? Let’s fall for a hen party in Brighton then, one of the main British seaside holiday resorts! Whether you’ve imagined your hen weekend filled with amazing heritage discoveries or seaside fun, Brighton will exceed your expectations for sure! From iconic tourist attractions like the stunning Royal Pavilion to beachfront cool with daytime traditional seaside fun and night time funky beachside club culture, Brighton is a treasure trove of things to do and places to go! Vibrant, colourful, fun and free, Brighton offers the energy of the city and freedom of the sea! It’s just the perfect combination which will take your hen weekend to a whole new level!

6.  Manchester

Awesome city for an awesome Hen weekend! Attractive, exciting and unique… Those are the key words that describe best a hen party in Manchester! Becoming more and more popular, this destination is the guarantee to have one of the most memorable “hen” time. Salford quays will just blow you away, not to mention the great shopping experience of which you won’t tire and also the vibrant nightlife from real ale pubs to cutting-edge clubbing for a last night of freedom to remember! It's easy to see why more and more people choose Manchester as their hen weekend destinations…

5.  Newcastle

Getting closer to the Top with The 5th best hen destination in the UK…a hen party in Newcastle! If you girls are looking for world-class culture, award-winning dining, inspiring heritage, fantastic shopping, acclaimed architecture and above all, that fabulous night out you’ve been waiting for so long, then Newcastle is the place to go! You will just love the glamorous, chic and classy Diamond Strip where you can only have a “hen” of a night! Newcastle will please everyone, whether you want to discover fascinating heritage like the Castle Keep, culture like the Baltic Centre for Contemporary Art or, last but not least, the cosmopolitan fun of its renowned vibrant nightlife! Could you ask for anything else to have a hen night to remember?

4.  Leeds

If you want your hen weekend to be all about breathtaking activities, vibrant nightlife and stylish shopping, a hen party in Leeds will not let you down! Recently named Best Night Out in the UK, this city also has amazing sites like Harewood House, great attractions like Tropical world and stunning shopping at Clarence Dock and also in the County Arcades. From Hectic shopping to hiking, not to mention amazing clubbing, Leeds caters for all tastes! It is definitely a party city and once you get there, you just know why it is one of the most popular hen destinations in the UK!  

3.  Nottingham

Now, it’s time to get serious with our TOP 3 cities… Nottingham! This great, fabulous, one and only city where you’ll have a “hen” of a weekend! If Nottingham is known as the city of Robin Hood, It also conceals many treasures! Cultural city, capital for shopping and famous for great nights out, Nottingham is the perfect hen weekend destination! You’ll have no trouble mixing great attractions like Nottingham Castle, famous caves, ice skating in the Ice Arena with a vibrant nightlife from amazing pubs, trendy cocktail bars, to bars hidden in caves! A hen party in Nottingham really does have it all to make your weekend unforgettable!

2.  Liverpool

Number two is…Liverpool! With its world class culture and heritage, spectacular event programme and famously friendly inhabitants, this city is the ideal destination for a successful hen weekend! Not only this city is a UNESCO World Heritage Site thanks to its impressive waterfront but it is also synonym of world class shopping! Besides, if you have a great sense of fun and if you love memorable nights out (which I’m pretty sure you do!), we guarantee that the bars in Liverpool are lively and that Liverpool nightlife is legendary! Whatever you decide, be sure to have a blast by the River Mersey on your very unique hen party in Liverpool!

1.  London

In at number one is…London! It’s a one of a kind city, just what you need for a one of a kind hen weekend! Where else can you see hundreds of stunning museums like the British Museum, many renowned galleries and outstanding attractions like the amazing London Eye? London is where you want to be to feel the electric atmosphere of Piccadilly Circus where party never stops, the exciting and lively heart of Covent Garden and the famous icons from Big Ben to the red telephone box. You also love Shopping? London is definitely the right place for you! From luxury shops like Harrods to bargain fashions at London’s market, everyone will be pleased! In the best hen party destination of the UK, you’re setting the bar very high! A hen party in London, what else?

Our Party Planners and Party Organisers at UKGirlThing are experts in each of the cities we operate in.  If you want more information on a city or to see if it's the right city for your hen party, speak to our team on 0115 941 5282.  Alternatively you can view all our hen party packages

If you loved this, you'll be interested to know our top 10 hen party cities for 2016! Whats your guesses for number 1?

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