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Match the Bride-to-Be's personality to the right dance class

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You have been bestowed the role of Chief Bridesmaid or Maid of honour! Congratulations! After all, the bride-to-be has selected you from many potential candidates, there could be several reasons for this. It could be that you are her Sister or her best friend, having known each other for years and shared your deepest darkest secrets she trusts you implicitly and knows that you will do everything you can to make sure the wedding planning, hen party and Big day are perfect for her. Whatever role you have played in her life rest assured that she has chosen you because she thinks you are the best woman for the job. After the initial excitement subdues, it will hit you that your main responsibility is arranging the mother of all hen do’s. One that will go down in the veritable history of hen do’s and will be something that will become legend amongst the Bride to be’s nearest and dearest.  Of course you could arrange a girls night out with the standard L plates and phallic accessories, but she deserves all that and more surely? That’s where UKGirlThing steps in to help you out with those fantastic Hen Party Ideas (and we’ll let you take all the credit too)!

The Bride to Be may have given you strict instructions about the sort of hen party she would like. She may have left it entirely up to you. Either way, organising something a little different for the hens will guarantee you that legendary status we mentioned earlier. Even the most organised hen party will have a few hours in the day where there is a lull. How do you keep a large group of ladies entertained? Book a dance class! Whoa! I hear you shout! ‘But her 55 year old mother is attending’ ‘She’s never done a dance class in her life’ ‘I don’t think she’s a dancing sort of person’. Fear not, dance classes can be suitable for all ages and no previous dance experience is necessary. She may not be a prima ballerina, but most people have been known to bust a move on the dance floor of a Saturday night and if not, she will certainly be expected to dance on her wedding day if not just for the 1st dance!

The great thing about UKGirlThings’ vast array of dance classes is there is something to suit all personalities, to make it easier to choose we’ve matched the dance classes to various personalities below so just click on the personality that best describes your bestie and take a look at our suggestions. We’ll have you busting a move in no time!

The Quiet Bride-to-Be

The Strong-willed Bride-to-Be

The Friendly Bride-to-Be

The Bubbly Bride-to-Be

The Girly Bride-to-Be

The Tom Boy Bride-to-Be

The Quiet, well organised Bride- to-Be that does not like to be centre of attention

Glee Dance Class

Why not consider our 80s Medley dance class? With the average bride being between the age of 25-30 the chances are she’s a child of the 80’s and even those older members of the group will remember the neon Ra-ra skirts,  leg warmers and classic 80’s artists such as Madonna, Michael Jackson & Katrina and the Waves. You will be a taught a group routine which will include some original dance moves from the music video, so the Bride to Be will not feel centre of attention as you all skip moonwalk and do the electric slide wearing leg warmers together.

Is the Bride to be more of a ‘Gleek’? The hit TV show Glee is all about taking the quietest, geekiest person and drawing out their inner performer, so perhaps our Glee dance class will be more up her street. During the 2 hour class you will be taught a routine to some of the hit tunes from the show and you can all decide whether you are a show tune Rachel, a diva Mercedes, or a more reserved Tina. 

The Independent, Strong-willed Bride-to-Be

Single LadiesIf your Bestie knows who she is and her own mind there is no doubt which dance class is for her. The Single Ladies class will be right up her booty shaking alley and certainly bring out her Sasha Fierce personality. Don those leotards and learn this iconic dance routine step by step. There will be giggles galore we guarantee it and at the end of the class you and your ‘single’ ladies can wow onlookers at the club by re-enacting it in all its wrist swivelling glory.
If she likes to express her independence via fashion then the Lady Gaga dance class is perfect! Don’t worry, a steak dress isn’t mandatory and our dance instructors will teach you some of the moves made famous by this iconic pop star. You will all be transformed into little monsters by the end of the 2 hour class and will be putting your paws up feeling like you were born this way in no time. Just don’t Poker face!

The Friendly, outgoing and willing to try new things Bride-to-Be

BollywoodPerhaps the Bride to Be is well travelled, or loves new experiences, then the Bollywood or Burlesque dance classes would be ideal! Boogie away to Bhangra beats in the Bollywood experience, master those hip swivelling moves in no time, you could even wear traditional costume if you wanted to really get in to the spirit of things. If fishnet stockings and feather boas are more your thing then there’s nothing more fun than learning a flirtatious Burlesque routine. I’m sure the groom to be will thank you later. For the more body conscious among you there is no need to worry! The most you will be asked to remove is your satin gloves and our fully qualified dance instructors will ensure you feel sexy, glamorous and confident by then end of your class. You’ll be strutting your stuff like Dita Von Teese in no time.

The Bubbly, Fun-loving Bride-to-Be who loves being centre of attention

PoledancingFor those that live for the moment and ‘only live once’ our pole dancing or show girls dance class will make sure that they are centre of attention! Our pole dancing classes aim to teach people of all abilities, fitness, shapes and sizes some fantastic tricks on the pole. There will be no stopping you once you learn to twist and twirl, and I’m sure some poor unsuspecting lamp post will be the victim of a rather seductive routine on the way home that evening. If you want to get in the groom-to- be’s good books this is the class to book!
The Showgirls class reaffirms that there is indeed no business like show business. Become the latest Roxie Hart or Velma Kelly after 2 hours of shimmying your feather boa and razzle dazzling ‘em with your cane and bowler hat. It will be Jazz hands a-go-go and giggles galore we can assure you! 

The truly Girly Girl

GreaseFor the Bride to be that is all about the pink and sparkly you have to opt for the most girly dance classes we offer. Cheerleading, Grease or Pop Diva. If the Bride to Be sees her fiancé as her Danny Zuko then the Grease dance class is definitely for her. Think pink lady jackets, poodle skirts and girly high ponytails, you will be taught some of the iconic choreography from the film. If she has always dreamed of being a high kicking, pom-pom shaking cheerleader then you couldn’t choose better than the Cheerleading class. You will be taught your own personal chant along with a routine, you could even break out into the chant at random points in the evening to really embarrass the bride! Pop Divas is all about the sassy moves. If your Bride to be is into the women anthems from diva’s such as Rihanna, Beyoncé or Pussycat Doll Nicole Scherzinger then you can get her slinking and strutting her way through a sexy dance routine with this dance class. Perfect for the girly girl!

The Tom Boy

ThrillerIf your bride-to-be’s idea of a good weekend is watching the footy, drinking a pint and dreaming of the latest sports car then you will need to choose something with a little more grit. Might we suggest our Thriller dance class? Forget the flouncy dresses and heels, think Halloween costumes for this one! Learn the iconic steps to this song made famous by the legend that is Michael Jackson. Once you have it nailed, keep practicing and surprise your wedding guests at the reception! The guests will be amazed at your dance floor skills!

We hope the above inspires you with some great Hen Party Ideas. Don’t forget we are here to help so if you need a bit of reassurance or advice don’t hesitate to call one of our Hen party experts on 01159 415 282

Author : Rebecca Lee

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