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Engagement Photo Shoot Tips and Ideas

First things first, Congratulations on your wedding engagement!!!!!! However, planning a wedding isn’t a walk in the park! There are just a few ways in which you and your hubby or wifey can really enjoy this sacred limbo in between the engagement and wedding day. After all this is a special time before the next chapter of your lives begins.
Having an engagement photo shoot can be the perfect way to unwind, get artistic and enjoy some quality time together capturing and creating memories which can last a lifetime. Excuse the cheese, but the transitional period from dating to marriage should be treasured, and what better way to portray this with an engagement photo shoot, which can either be used for wedding invites, family albums or just a warm up photo shoot for your wedding photographer before the big day.
We have come up with some photo shoot tips and ideas for you and your partner to explore to ensure you make the most of your photo shoot!


So we aren’t suggesting that you head out and spend an absolute bomb on designer clothes, but the importance of clothing in a photo can signify specific feelings, styles and really set the scenario. It’s always good to make sure your outfits complement one another; if one person out shines the other it will focus more on that individual rather than you as a couple image. We recommend wearing something which is comfortable as this will allow you to be more relaxed, perhaps wear similar or contrasting colours as you don’t want to clash. Remember ladies if you’re wearing high heels to bring a spare pair as it can be uncomfortable wearing them all day or even the boho shoeless look is becoming increasingly popular.


One of the core factors regarding photography is lighting. Not only does lighting portray emotions but it releases an overall atmosphere and ambience for an image e.g. by taking the images at particular times of day will show different levels of lighting. Lighting can allow an images look to become positive or negative, or just bring life to the most unexpected subject. We think by using natural lighting at either sunrise or sunset will not only allow the image to sustain warm textures but also bring some natural simplicities to the overall image.


By adding some personal touches to the photo shoot will really allow your personalities and the overall theme to flourish. Being creative and playful can really bring depths to the image; there are loads of ways to incorporate this in to the imagery. We think that by writing a message in the sand, engraving your names in a tree or using a themed background will really bring out the personality of you as a couple. By putting a fun twist to the imagery will not only make the shoot more fun for you guys but give it some personal qualities.


Using props within in an image can allow the character of the person to show, by using personal or generic objects you can really portray certain styles in the image. You could use bubbles for a bit of fun or even incorporate your wedding ring or something related to you and your partners wedding day theme.


Having engagement photos can allow a chance for the photographer to meet you guys and take some pre wedding day snaps, which will give them a chance to understand your tastes and personality so they know exactly what is expected of them for your wedding day photography. Not only can it allow for a chance to meet the photographer but allow them to understand your style, sense of humour and allow you guys to see how well you interact with your photographer so they can get the best possible outcome come the day to finally walk down the aisle.
Whatever the weather enjoy your engagement photo shoot, say CHEESE, remember confidence is key and that you have no bad side.

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