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Utterly Adorable Ways To Ask Your Bridesmaids

Looking for creative ways to ask your girls to be bridesmaids? We’ve got some of the best! After all … it’s the second most important wedding proposal!

1. Card

OK, so this is an obvious one. But with the sheer brilliant graphics, illustrations and design out there now you can find yourself more than just a standard Clinton’s number. We love these floral cards from Sweet Pea Sunday via Not on the High Street.

2. Scratch Card

No we don’t mean head round to the corner shop and purchase a lottery scratch card for £2 (although an assured winning one wouldn’t be a bad idea) We mean something like these super cute personalised scratch cards from Sarah Hurley.

3. Fortune Cookie

Anything with the word cookie in it and we’re in favour. These quirky fortune cookie’s by Petite25 containing a message for your maids are just the biscuit. You can get them in a variety of colours too – to perfectly match your scheme!

4. Wine

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend? Nahhh, what’s a shiny rock going to do when life gets you down?! A girl needs wine. And a girl needs her bestie – so show your appreciation by giving one to the other. Complete with a ‘Will you be my bridesmaid?’ label from Posh Totty Designs.

5. Fondant Cookies

And when alcohol is out of the question, what better than a sweet treat for your sweetest mate? Keep it simple with a question or personalise with your own line, Nila Holden definitely is on to something swapping texts for biscuit treats!  

6. Makeup Bag

Something they won’t gobble up or sup down in seconds? A cute keepsake like this makeup pouch from Lola & Gilbert – complete with just the question you want to ask – is quite perfect. A special moment they can make part of their daily routine!

7. Socks

The sort of last resort gift at Christmas…. Think again! Personalised and useful (who doesn’t need socks?!) Your special proposal is sure to put a spring in their step with socks from ALPHS!

8. Jewellery

A touch more feminine and you’ve got these adorable charm bracelets from The Little Wish Bracelet Company. Get them in your wedding colour scheme and they can even wear them on the big day itself!

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