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6 Brand New Resources for your Hen Party Planning

Hen party planning can be hard going – there is just so much to think about! Wouldn’t it be just fantastic if someone somewhere had the knowledge, experience and expertise to come up with and provide a whole host of resources to make hen party planning just that little bit easier? Well slap the bride to be and call her Bridezilla – that’s just what has happened!

Our Hen Party Resource Centre has been going for a few years now, providing our princess planners with helpful bits and bobs to make their hen party planning journey that little bit easier.

We have our hen weekend City Brochures giving you the low down of each of our cities – things to do, what’s on and helpful reviews from our previous hens, allowing you to make an informed decision on which city to choose for your hen weekend.

The exclusive Hen Party A – Z makes sure you’ve thought of absolutely everything when it comes to planning a hen weekend from action plans to getting in some zeds and literally all that falls in between. This PDF guide will ensure you are as prepared as can be!

A classic hen party idea is to have personalised t-shirts complete with witty slogans or suggestive names. Coming up with these can be a massive task in itself so we’ve took the pressure off and come up with over 1000 Hen Party T-shirt Names which you can browse and choose at your leisure.

Not a t-shirt sort of gal? Fancy dress may be more up your street – and with 104 ideas to choose from in our hen party Fancy Dress Ideas PDF something is bound to float that bridal boat. Plan it right, then look the part.

As if all this wasn’t enough – well, from the feedback we receive we know you can’t get enough! Our fairy hen-mother has been at work researching, producing and now giving away more amazing hen party planning resources. She has conjured up 6 brand new hen party pieces to help you maids of honour whiz through your party planning to do list with ease. Unlike Cinderella, she encourages you to stay out past midnight (coming home with both shoes is a bonus!)

Hen Party Invitations

Where the party starts! Cinders even received her very own invite to the ball – proving a small piece of paper / email / WhatsApp message can go a long way in making a girl feel special. Simple, printable, easily sharable Hen Party Invitations to hand out to the lucky chosen few!  

Hen Party Checklist

Still worrying whether or not you’ve thought of everything? Our Hen Party Checklist gives you a quick summary of the crucial basics to make sure you have the best hen party weekend. Just set aside 20 seconds for this quick tick exercise and your winning!

Hen Party Playlist

No party weekend is complete without a banging soundtrack. Music has the power to get everyone into the spirit of things – we’re sure Cinderella got her groove on. The journey there, getting ready, the night out and even the journey home needs the perfect musical accompaniment. The Ultimate Hen Party Playlist contains girl’s night out anthems, recent chart toppers and karaoke classics!

Hen Night Games List

For the fun bit – party games! Include in any part of the hen weekend to break the ice, set the tone and just to make sure everyone has an awesome time. From the traditional Mr and Mrs to cheeky drinking games – there’s something to suit every type of group in our Hen Party Games list.

Hen Night Truth Game

The fun continues with this daring Hen Party Truth Game. Print these tell the truth cards or download them to your phone to make sure they are with you for the whole party weekend. A hen party we think is a great occasion for everyone to get to know each other that little bit more. This one should come with a warning – so you have been warned this may be a case of ‘too much information!’

Hen Night Dare Cards

Dares raise their ugly heads at every good hen party weekend. As with the truth game, print or download these hilarious Hen Party Dare Cards to get the party off to a lively start. Silly dares, drinking dares, flirty dares and photo dares – this pack has it all. Are you hen enough to complete the pack? 

We can’t really believe it ourselves, it’s just too good to be true – but this isn’t any fairy-tale all these hen party planning resources are available to download right now! And did we mention these are absolutely FREE? Yep, that’s under no conditions or curses other than a simple name and email address. Find everything mentioned in this article and more on our Hen Party Resource Centre page.

Thought of something that we haven’t yet covered? Come up with a great idea that would help your fellow hen planners? We are always researching new ways in which we can make hen party planning that little bit easier, so if you have any suggestions for future projects do let us know in the comments box below. 

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