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How to Plan a Hen Party on a Budget

Hen Party on a Budget


We all like to save a pretty penny and be thrift queens, even more so when organising and planning a hen do. Here’s our guide to planning a ‘Hen Party on a Budget’, and making that penny go a little further.

how to plan a hen party on a budget war room

Get together – to the war room girls

Grab that note pad, glass of wine and invite the bride tribe over. It’s time to hit the drawing board. First it’s best to establish everyone’s budget. This can be a little awkward as no one really wants to show and tell that kind of information, but that’s what the wine is for. Don’t skip this step! It’s best to manage everyone expectations of what everyone can afford early on. It makes planning and choosing what activities you might want to do and how long you want to go for that little bit easier. So be heavy handed with the wine and rip that band aid off!

how to plan a hen party on a budget ideas

Ideas - everything begins with an Idea

Time to put your heads together and bust out some ideas. Whilst you will be asking important questions such as which city, which activity and what date. The most important question is what will the bride to be want for her hen do? No point organising a hen do if she will be miserable Martha in the corner all night. I’m sure you know what her likes and dislike are, so take them into consideration. I know this sounds a little obvious but you would be surprised how often this is over looked or forgotten. If you want some help to see what activity will suit your bride to be check out our guide. (Enter guide).

Main talking points here should be:

  • Establish a budget
  • Think of some Hen Party Ideas and Activities
  • Confirm the duration
  • Get a firm idea on hen party location
  • Date of event – how long before the wedding
  • That’ll do …whose round is it next!
how to plan a hen party on a budget under £100

Savvy Prices - Hen parties under £100

To help give you an idea of what amazing activities you could get for under £100 here’s our top 3. If you want to see suggestions check out the link below:£100

All the ideas below include an evening meal, accommodation, activity and VIP club entry, all that’s left are your travel expenses and drinks on the night!

how to plan a hen party on a budget london pamper me

London – Pamper Me £87.95 pp

Take away the stresses and strains as you and your group unwind with a Health and Leisure Day Pass, ensuring you spend some quality time with your party. This Price includes:

  • 1 night accommodation
  • Pamper Me Health and Leisure Day Pass
  • After Dark experience
  • 3 course meal, bar guide
  • Glass of bubble, half bottle of wine
  • VIP club entry

how to plan a hen party on a budget nottingham cocktail making

Nottingham – Cocktail Making £95.95

Experience cocktail making in a quirky bunker bar. An ideal ice breaker, cocktail making is designed to entertain all group members and get the party started! This price includes:

  • 1 night accommodation
  • Cocktail Making experience
  • Including food and drink options
  • After Dark experience
  • 2 course meal
  • Bar guide & VIP club entry
how to plan a hen party on a budget birmingham dance class

Birmingham – Dance Class £89.95

Select your theme of dance class from our extensive selection from Grease to Single Ladies. Enjoy a fun one to two hour themed dance class routine suitable for all ages and fitness levels. The price includes:

  • 1 night accommodation
  • Exciting Dance Class Experience
  • Variety of themes to choose from
  • 1 hour, 1.5 hour & 2 hour classes available
  • After Dark experience
  • 2 course meal, bar guide & VIP club entry
how to plan a hen party on a budget paying for the bride

Promotion - Paying for the bride to be

So it has become accustom for the bride-to-be to avoid all expenses on her hen do, with her lovely hens covering her cost. After all she will be paying for your places on her wedding day. However you can avoid having to cover this extra cost by taking advantage of our current offer: Free Places or £10 off pp*.  Click the link to see further T& C’s

Be savvy and use the free place to cover the cost of the bride, she may never know and will have an amazing indulgent time at no extra cost to her hens. Be savvy and create an epic hen weekend  on a budget!

how to plan a hen party on a budget drinks

Drinks - my spirit animal is Gin

‘Pre drinks’ have become more and more popular these days, it’s no longer just a thing for students. You have control of the music, you can take your time getting ready and be getting in the mood for your night out. You can save yourself a pretty penny by starting the night off in your hotel room. Don’t forget you are in a hotel room, so bottle openers aren’t going to be readily available. So either sway towards prosecco or screw tops or bring one from home. If there is a particular drink your bride-to-be enjoys, why not toast the first drink of the night to her with this particular drink in hand.

how to plan a hen party on a budget food

Food – Eating is NOT Cheating

Depending on which package you have opted for, one evening meal is already covered, hoorah! Food is essential, no one likes a hangry hen but it doesn’t mean it has to cost the earth either. Lunch could be a cute picnic with the girls. If everyone brings a dish or two, find a charming park to have your picnic, soak up the sunshine and you have barely spent a penny.

If the weather isn’t on your side then a restaurant might be more ideal. For this I couldn’t recommend tripadvisor enough. Enter the city you are heading to and browse the restaurants by the cheap eats category. There are reviews, comments and links to their website and menu making it easy to browse to find the right one for you.

Alternatively download one of our City Guide for more inspiration:

how to plan a hen party on a budget transport

How to get there: Hen Do Transport Ideas

By Bus

Booking your transport early is always advised. You will often find you will save a small fortune if you avoid buying on the day. Look at the distance and decide what will be most suitable to your hen weekend. Often the a National Express bus will be the cheapest, but if you are travelling quite far you don’t want to find yourself stuck on a bus for hours. This is more suitable for journeys 3 hours or less.

By Train

Trains are brilliant for getting you there quickly. No designated drivers to be wary of drinking limits. But do consider how many change overs you have and the time allowance for this. This can be a little tricky to negotiate with a large group. The other consideration would be to go for a wheelie luggage over a holdall bag. You don’t want to be lugging a heavy bag over train stations and to your hotel. Use websites such as the to see how much your trip will be, they have competitive prices in advance and is very user friendly.

By Car

Driving is great if you can car share, you can split the cost of the petrol and parking. However there will be designated drivers who will need to ensure they are not over the limit when it comes to driving home the next day! Paying for parking in advance can also help keep this cost down, or find a hotel that includes parking. It’s best to ask your party planner or hotel where they recommend for parking. Use to work out how much the trip will cost to drive there, don’t forget to include parking to give you a true estimate of this cost. The key to planning a hen do on a budget is to work out accurate prices for everything.

Mini Bus Hire

Alternatively it might be worth considering hiring a mini bus. This way the group can all mix and mingle on the journey down. Everyone is sat together and the hen party games can start on the bus so by the time you get there you are all relaxed and ready for the day ahead of you. You can get these with drivers such as Minibus Shuttle Services LTD in London or if you rather drive yourselves around opt for Arnold Self Drive in Nottingham.

how to plan a hen party on a budget invites

Hen Party Invites – Hello Bride Tribe

So you have narrowed down the activity, destination and date. It’s time to send out those invites. There are many methods and routes you can take; often a group text or a WhatsApp group or facebook group or event is used. You an invite everyone and keep open communication from start to finish. Giving everyone a chance to talk and get to know each other before the hen do. I would advise having a group chat regardless of how you ask your hens.

If you want a traditional invite so everyone has a few keepsakes of the hen party, this is especially nice for the bride-to-be. These can be a little hard to come by in shops but there are some online. However if you buy some nice paper and use our free hen party invite download, to create your very own luxurious invite at a fraction of the price. 

how to plan a hen party on a budget games and decor

Games & Décor

It’s these nice touches and added extras than can bump the cost up without you even noticing. A fiver here, a tenner there and soon you have spent a small fortune. Make use of our free hen party games, there’s a huge variety from ice breakers to blush makers! They will be sure to get your party started and the giggles flowing.

If you are a DIY queen then check out our Pinterest board for ideas on what you can make to add an extra personal touch on your hen party.  If you don’t have a creative bone in your body don’t worry these can be made by anyone.

If you get addicted to watching YouTube videos especially the ‘how to’ variety, here’s some amazing videos of how to make some hen party decorations and favours.

  • Watch Styleiconcloset to see how to make paper fan backdrop perfect for FashionByAlly photo props for your perfect Kodak moments
  • Browse Xao Vang’s video which covers easy how to’s from sashes to personalised temporary tattoos
  • If you want personalised t-shirts for your hen party but want to avoid the cost of getting them professionally done watch The Fashion Citizen to see how to use T-shirt transfers
  • If you are in need of inspiration of what to put on your t-shirts check out our hen party T-Shirt names
how to plan a hen party on a budget


I hope this has helped and highlighted how to get the most out of your budget when organising your hen party. There’s some easy ways to save money even if you later spend it on some prosecco with the girls! After all no good story ever starts with ‘...this one time I ate a salad’!

I hope you have an amazing hen party.  Please comment and share your top tips for saving money on your hen do below!

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