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How to de-stress when planning a hen party

de-stress when planning a hen party

So planning a hen party can be stressful, from ensuring you have invited the right people to choosing the right activity. Whilst we here at UKGirlThing try to ensure you have everything you may need from invites, playlists to even a dedicated hen party ideas page and our dedicated expert party planners do their upmost best to assist, advise and guide you. We have found from our hens that often its communication and getting everyone together that can be the most stressful factor. Sometimes there are things outside of our control that lets the stress creep in. So if for any reason it does, here’s a variety of ways to keep the stress away. 

quick ways to de-stress when planning a hen party

Quick and instant ways to de-stress

 So your hen party planning is getting to you, don’t worry it just means you’re human. Sometimes when time isn’t on our side with lots to get done, we just need something quick and instant. So here are some quick and instant ways to de-stress to we can get calm and focused back onto hen do planning.

  • Kissing - This is a scientifically proven to help, so brush those pearly whites ladies and pucker up.
  • Talk about it - This may sound a little obvious, but talk to someone you trust about it. Sometimes talking about the stress is a way of getting of your chest and into the world. If you aren't one for talking, try writing it down.
  • Punch a pillow - Sometimes that frustration just builds but that pillow is not going to mind.
  • De-caff Tea /coffee or herbal tea - Try a camomile tea or any calming herbal tea. Just take 5 to refuel your body in peace.
  • Chew gum - This is best in the stressful moment. It’s not the ingredients in the gum itself, but the action of chewing that reduces stress.
  • Music - Everyone has that one happy song that can lift even the darkest of moods. Girl it’s time to put your headphones on and play it.
easy ways to de-stress when planning a hen party

Easy, little effort ways to de-stress

 So you have tried a few quick instant ways to de-stress over this hen do but it’s just not touching it. If you are still feeling a bit drained and after some easy de-stressing techniques to see you through this hen party here are a few easy ways that involves very little effort.

  • Dance - Put on your fav feel good jam, and dance like no one is watching. Just let loose and dance it out. A few personal favourites are footloose, send me on my way, no scrubs and fluorescent adolescent.
  • Laughter - Laughter really is the best medicine. So stick on your favourite funny film, if none are coming to mind perhaps Bridesmaids, mean girls, White chick or Spy. If you don’t fancy watching a film just laugh, your body doesn’t know the difference between a real laugh and a forced laugh. So you will still reap the benefits and those happy endorphins.
  • Feel good moments - If you got a bestie on speed dial call them n reminisce over good times. If it’s tricky reaching them watch a feel good movie such as Mamma Mia, The life of Pi, Forest Gump and The Blind Side.
  • Pets - So even if you don't have a pet we all know someone who does. Pop over and just spend time petting, cuddling and playing with the cute little creature.
simple ways to de-stress when planning a hen party

Simple ways to de-stress

 The stress levels are starting to rank pretty high on the Richter scale, and we want to de-stress sharpish. Here are some more simple ways to de-stress from this hen do and get back to the amazing human you are.

  • Nature - Unplug, put your phone away and step into nature. Go for a walk, surround yourself in and amongst nature.
  • Meditation & Yoga - Don’t worry if you're a novice, there are so many easy YouTube videos that talk you through step by step. No one will know if you mess a move up, so just dive in.
  • Exercise - Sometimes even when you feel tired and like the day has drained you of every last bit of energy try and push through it. It doesn't matter if it's a walk, run or full body workout. Just get your body moving. We highly recommend Zumba as a fun exercise, the wonders of YouTube even make this accessible at home too.
  • Retail Therapy - Errrrm hello this is a classic, time to treat ourselves for all the hard work we have put in.
  • Bath - Another classic. Fetch some wine, light the candles and pour some essential oils into the bath as it runs. Then just soak the stress away.
  • Hobby - Take some time to do something you enjoy, that's your hobby. From cooking, reading or even doing a Buzzfeed quiz. Take some time to do something that just brings yourself enjoyment.
  • Sound - Nature sounds from rainforest rain to whale noises are meant to relax us and relieve stress. Go through a few until you find one that works for you.
weird ways to de-stress when planning a hen party

Some weird ways to de-stress

 So you have tried the above and not found anything that has worked for you and you’ve got an open mind. Here are our weird ways to de-stress from hen party planning.

  • ASMR - This is essentially people whispering, tapping and making quiet noises. It’s meant to evoke calmness and ‘tingles’. There is a rather larger community on YouTube that is dedicated to ASMR videos, have a look you never know it might work for you.
  • Hair pulling - Not the cat fight type of hair pulling. It is recommended to select a large handful of hair and tug in quick succession 2 or 3 times before selecting another handful.
  • Fractals in nature - This is similar or identical patterns in nature such as shells, leafs and flowers. It’s meant to have a calming effect on us, so google away or try to find them in nature.
  • Fish tanks - Head to the local pet store and spend some time looking at the fish swimming around in the tanks. There’s a reason why doctors & dentist tend to have these in the office.


We hope some of these technique have helped keep the stress at bay. Of course these techniques can be used at any time and not just for hen party de-stressing. They might be useful for the bride to be and the run up to her wedding day, or even just on those testing days life brings us. Of course if you feel that your stress levels are not manageable then please seek the help from your doctor. Please let us know your top de-stressing techniques.

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