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Amazing Hen party t shirt ideas

hen party tshirt ideas
The hard bit is over, you have managed to make it through the mind field of planning a hen party. You have a date, budget, activities and accommodation all booked. You have hand selected them all to suit your bride to be and now the fun bit it here. Time to put on your creative caps to customise the last few touches and where better place to start than with these amazing hen party tshirt ideas
hen party nicknames

Nickname creating

A hen party nickname for your t shirt is a classic, but it can be a hard to come up with. Some people you haven’t been introduced to and most people won’t have already have a nickname that lends themselves to a hen party T shirt. So have no fear we have created a free download to help you pick the perfect nickname for your hens. Choose from our clean, daytime friendly list or our x-rated, cheek blushing options. Will you have a Crazy Cara on your hands or a Bad Ass Becky?

hen party printed tshirts ideas

Printed t shirts

So most of us won’t have a creative bone in our body and opt for a brought printed t-shirt with them cost around £8-10 depending on design and quantity. Also, bear in mind time scale, a lot of the cheaper ones have longer shipping times. It might be worth searching around and ordering sooner rather than later. Once everyone has started to pay for the hen party they are committed and safe to order a t-shirt for them. It might be an idea to check sizing and that they are happy with their nickname prior to ordering. There are lots of printed options out there, so narrow it down. Do you have a colour scheme or theme to work with? Will you want fitted or loose style tops?

Alternatively, you can buy hen party t-shirt transfers. This is a special paper that can be printed on and ironed onto a top. Personally, I have never had much luck with these. When I thought they would save me money I ended up buying two t-shirts after the transfer didn’t take correctly. There are many YouTube videos with help and advice to achieving amazing transfers, so it might just be me. It’s worth keeping in mind that there is room for error here that will be at your cost rather than at the suppliers if you opted to buy them. 

 handmade hen party tshirt ideas

Handmade t shirts

If you are a Kirsty Allsopp and can throw your hand at most art and crafts, then you might choose to hand craft your hen party t-shirts. You get full creative rein, not restricted by a template design or by what you can already find out there. You can create unique one off fully personalised t-shirts.

Not only can you customise the wording and design of the t-shirt but you can also go a step further and customise the body of the t-shirt. You can add fringing if it’s a festival theme or perhaps alters the sleeves to cute bows for a hen who want a subtle cute look. Add studs for an edgy look, or some felt flowers for a splash of colour. For more customisation ideas or to see how these can be done check out our Pinterest board.

There are many routes you could go down from sewing, sticking, printing, painting, drawing, embossing and embroidering. Fully do your research to ensure you know how you will do it, the tools you will need and the expense of it all. Often hand making them can end up costing more than being printed but it is more personalised. 

hen party t shirt alternative ideas


So you want to play a twist on the classic hen party t-shirt. Perhaps it's not a summer hen party, or perhaps that’s too much clothing if it’s a beach party. Either way here are some of our favourite alternatives to the classic hen party t shirt: 

  • Sash – these too can be personalised, printed or handmade.
  • Jumper – perfect for winter hen parties and more practical
  • Badges – if you are on a budget it keeps costs down but is still fun
  • Sunglasses – personalise the arm of the sunglasses and have the bride in the only white pair. Great for hot summer beach parties.
  • PJ’s – Pyjamas make everything better, so if you’re having a slumber party hen do these will be a cute touch
  • Tote bag – So you might be off shopping, or on an adventure day and need something to keep your belongings in. These will be the perfect way of allowing something practical and personalised.
  • Makeup bag – Perfect for when your venues do not allow fancy dress and you love getting ready with your girls.
  • Headband – opt to add flowers as well as names onto the headband. Great for that festival look.
  • Necklace & Bracelet - for those ladies that want to keep things classy and elegant on their hen do.
  • Mugs – Perfect for those in an apartment and will be cooking and dinning together


We hope this has helped get the ball rolling with your hen party t shirt ideas or at least our free download has helped with nickname ideas. There are so many directions you can take, it’s just about finding the right one for your hen party. Please let us know how you customise your hen party in the list below.

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download hen party t shirt nicknames

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