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For Better, for Worse: The Great British Bake Off!

the great british bake off

The Great British Bake Off has been hitting the headlines. With so many changes and the release of the new trailer has left fans a little dubious of what to expect this year. We here at UKGirlThing still have something up our sleeve to bring back the ‘old’ Great British Bake Off! 

What's What & Who's Who

If you are completely unaware of the upheaval of The Great British Bake Off. It has undergone a complete makeover in its move from BBC to Channel 4. Mary, Mel & Sue stayed loyal to the BBC and left the show. ‘Shockingly’ Paul stayed. The new team was announced and joining Paul as a judge is Prue Leith. Which we have not been falling out with. She has a cooking background, abundant of passion and achievements including a Michelin star restaurant. We feel she will be well suited to the role and look forward to seeing how she handles stepping into Mary Berry’s shoes. They are big shoes to fill with Mary Berry even winning the best judge award at the National Television Awards for her work on GBBO. We are looking forward to seeing how Prue will handle the role and if she makes it her own. Mary will always be greatly missed but, we have to be open minded and optimistic. Some change is inevitable. Sadly. 

So who will be replacing our beloved Mel and Sue I hear you ask… Sandi Toksvig and Noel Fielding. No, that’s not a typo. We are all most defiantly surprised with this pairing! Noel Fielding?! The zany, wacky comedian, known for The Mighty Boosh and Never Mind the Buzzcocks. And Sandi Toksvig who is both an author, radio presenter, comedian, TV presenter and political activist. There’s not much that Sandi has not turned her hand to in her career. Now adding to her repertoire, the presenting of The Great British Bake Off.

It will be interesting to see how these two work together, the dynamics and if they can make us laugh. They will either be our new fav ‘amouse boosh’ or have us secretly wishing it will be the next Bingate incident to happen on The Great British Bake Off We are very unsure of their casting choices. It feels more like two names were randomly plucked out of the air and thrown together.

With so much change on the horizon, we are hoping some parts of the show we love will be kept. 

The Trailor

But then the trailer was released and whilst fun, colourful and playful. With baked delights of croissants, bread and profiteroles animated singing, dancing and even vomiting along to ‘We all stand together.’ It’s a far cry from depicting high-class baking show with the vintage country chic ascetic we have grown accustomed to. With the cakes and pastries more reminiscent to my own slap dash baking efforts. The high standards and presentation seem to be amiss much like the new presenters and judges in the video.

The Wait is almost over!

It has now been rumoured to be airing on the 29th August! So fingers crossed the wait will finally be over and we can see what has happened to our beloved show. There have been some scheduling rivalry from Coronation Street trying to tempt us all away with a double helping of Coronation Street. 

The jury is fully out but fingers crossed the rumours are true and the wait will soon be over. I hope the show works and we don’t have to painstakingly watch it take a dive much like Danny’s fondants.


What’s hiding up our sleeve

If you too are a fan of The Great British Bake Off and loved the original set up then you will love Our Bake with a Legend Hen party. Bake with legends of past series’ of Great British Bake Off, so rest assured if you end up missing the old days of the Bake Off we can still enjoy and indulge with Bake with a Legend. Make it the highlight of your hen party and we hope there are no soggy bottoms!

Let us know you funniest baking moments in the comments below and If you like our blogs and want to stay in the loop subscribe to our emails and receive offers, promotions, and blog of the month emails!

bake with a legend hen party

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