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Hen Party Drinking Games Part 2

hen party drinking games part 2

So you are in the hotel room, there’s some bubbly on the go, everyone is starting the break the ice. Part of you just wants to fast forward an hour from now to when that ice is firmly broken and the night is underway. Whilst there is no fast forward button, how about we speed things up by helping everyone loosen up? We have put together our top 5 last minute hen party drinking games that can be played in any hotel room on your hen weekend. They will up the laughter, make some amazing memories and make pre drinking even more enjoyable. 

Guess who’s getting drunk tonight?

hen party drinking game tossers


Perfect quick and easy last minute hen party drinking game, it requires almost nothing.

You will need: 1 x coin, 1 x Jug/pint glass/bowl and lots of drinks.

Aim: To predict the toss of the coin correctly, so your fellow hens end up drinking the ‘dirty’ pint.


1.       Sit in a circle and choose someone to go first

2.       They have to take the jug and pour an amount of their drink into it. It can be as much or as little as they like, but there has to be something.

3.       Now before the coin is flipped call heads or tails to what will be face up.

4.       Person to the left of you will flip the coin and reveal if it’s heads or tails.

5.       If guessed correctly it’s then the person on the right’s turn. If guessed incorrectly you have to down the contents of the jug and then it’s the person on the rights turn.

hen party drinking game centurion


Perfect for seasoned drinkers on a hen weekend.

You will need: 1 x Shot glass per person, 1 x timing device, Lots of drinks.

Aim: Have 1 shot every minute for 100 minutes and still be standing.


  1. Prep your shot glasses with first shot and keep those drinks nearby
  2. Have someone as the timer who will let everyone know when it’s a new minute and you need to take another shit.
  3. Keep refilling those shot glasses and have someone as the counter to keep track of how many shots you are up to.


Tip: You can shot anything from alcopops to hard liquor so choose accordingly and drink responsibly.


hen party drinking game roxanne


No preparation just some phone data/Wi-Fi and some drinks making it perfect to play in the hotel room on your hen weekend.

You will need: 1 x working phone with some data/Wi-Fi and some drinks.

Aim: Shot your drink along to the song to get a little buzzed.


  1. Find Roxanne by the Police and play it on your phone on loud.
  2. Shot your drink every time the word Roxanne is said.


Tip: you can add extra rules such as use only your non-dominant hand, not allowed to say anyone’s real name, no pointing etc. and every additional rule breakage incurs additional shots. 

hen party drinking game higher lower


Simple quick card game perfect for a last minute hen game.

You will need: a pack of cards and some drinks.

Aim: Guess correctly if the card in the dealer's hand is higher or lower than the one shown previously.


  1. Pick someone to be the dealer
  2. The dealer shuffles the pack of cards and lays one face up.
  3. Rest of hens must take it in turns to guess if the next card is higher or lower than the one shown.
  4. If the hen guesses correctly dealer has a shot, that card then goes on the pile of cards facing up.
  5. If the hen guesses incorrectly she must have the shot herself and the card then goes on the pile of cards facing up.
  6. It is then onto the next hen to guess and so on. 
hen party drinking game ring of fire

Ring of fire

Perfect for those that want a longer game when pre drinking before the hen night out.

You will need: 1 x Pack of cards, 1 x copy of the rules , 1 x pint glass and lots of drinks.

Aim: Try to keep up with the game and remember the rules so you’re not always drinking.


  1. Put the pint glass in the middle with the deck or cards face down around the pint, make sure the cards overlap and there are no gaps. This doesn’t need to be neat.
  2. Sit around this in a circle taking turns to pick up a card.
  3. When it’s your turn to pick up a card you must show everyone the card, so everyone has a fair opportunity to react accordingly.
  4. Refer to the rules to react accordingly having a shot of your drink as and when you should.
  5. Repeat this until every card is done.

If you want to go one step further and add the continental rules into your games as well!

  1. No names – first or last, time to get inventive. If you do use someone’s name you have a shot.
  2. No Drinking from your dominant hand if u do have a shot
  3. No pointing, if you do have a shot
  4. Banned words: Drink, hen do, hen party, hen weekend, hen, party, bride, bride to be, and ring. If you do you have a shot. 


Bride tribes gather up a large glass or even a jug, beg, borrow or steal a pen, paper or even a coin and get playing. It doesn’t matter if your glass is half full or half empty, it just means there’s room for more prosecco! If you haven’t already browsed our hen party drinking games part 1 and we have no doubt you’ll find the perfect drinking game for your hen party weekend.  

Let us know in the comments below what your favourite hen party drinking game is! If you like our blogs and want to stay in the loop subscribe to our emails and receive offers, promotions and blog of the month emails! 

ring of fire drinking game ruleshen party drinking games part 1

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