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Incredible and unique Geek hen party ideas Part 2

geek hen party ideas 2
So you found our geek hen party ideas part 1 and still hungry for more. Don’t worry here are some fun unique geek hen party ideas for bride-to-be’s who love Lord of the Rings, The Walking Dead, Marvel and DCSuperheroes.
lord of the rings hen party ideas

Lord of the Rings

It's time for an unexpected party, best make it a complete surprise for the B2B. Then all we need to do is drink like dwarves, sing like elves and party like hobbits! So first of, "all we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given to us." This is why being the hen party planner is amazing!


Dust of your elvish, grab your Sam, it's time to leave the shire and get on to your first quest. Get up close and personal with Treebeard and his fellow Ents with one of our Obstacle Courses. Choose to partake in a Go Ape adventure day to really experience life amongst the Ents. You might just awaken and befriend one!

One does not simply walk to Mordor. This next quest is going to test your team work, determination and friendship. Overcome the twin tunnels and make it out of a labyrinth unscathed on one our Inflatable Games.

If you feel like you are ready for a battle, train like Legolas with a bow and arrow on our Battle zone Archery Experience. Soon you too will be ready to shoot down orcs like a fully trained marksman.

Food & Nibbles

"Little by little one travels far," and you have already overcome so much, almost three movies worth! Soon enough you will need to stop and replenish yourself. Opt for Sam's favourite root vegetable; "taters po-ta-toes boil ‘em, mash ‘em, stick ‘em in a stew." Or indulge in Elevnsies with a meat and cheese platter.

Game Time

Maybe that ring is calling you, and you don't have the strength or will to leave it alone. Hang some ringed doughnuts on ribbons at different lengths over a doorway. It's very much like apple bobbing but without the water. So hands held behind your back and race each other to eat a doughnut ring (Precious) against the clock. It's harder than it looks, but after all so is being the master of the ring. If doughnuts aren't for you then there are plenty of ring food to choose between party ring biscuits, onion rings, bagels, cookies etc.


If your bride-to-be doesn't like to flaunt her geek love for the Lord of the Rings, then she may prefer a more subtle LOTR fancy dress theme. Check out our Lord of the Rings Pinterest board to see how to subtly dress like Sauron, Frodo, Gandolf and much more! We even found a tutorial on how to mimic Gimli's epic beard! 

We hope the bride-to-be enjoys her hen party and makes it to Mordor intact. Just remember it is Sam that carries Frodo up mount doom… who will be carrying her back to her hotel?

marvel and dc superhero hen party ideas

Marvel and DC superhero theme

Let's not open the can of worms over which is better, but if you happen to know which your bride-to-be prefers it will make it a little easier to tailor. DC is more Batman, superman and wonder woman, whilst Marvel is Iron Man, Jean Grey and Thor. If you're unsure as to which side she leans to, be diplomatic and have a general superhero theme.

Marvel Activities

Do you know if she has ever wondered what it like being Iron man or Warmachine flying through the air? The adrenaline and skill to carry your body in the right direction, after all, Jarvis can't do everything. Have a go our Indoor Skydiving Experience on your hen weekend to see if you could beat the infamous Tony Starks.

Or perhaps she's secretly the black widow? Did she attend a ballet school and have the athletic skills of a trained gymnast? Then what better way to showcase her deathly skills than at a Trampolining hen party.

Was your bride to be in awe of Scarlet witch when she finally made her debut on the screen in Avengers Age of Ultron? Perhaps she would enjoy a protective shield for a day? Something that would protect her from the outside world as she races towards the finally? Then you and your bride tribe should definitely give Zorbing a go!

Perhaps she always considered herself more of a Hawkeye kind of girl. Whilst he may lack any superhuman powers he is simply an exceptional human being. A world class archer and marksman who is loveable and charming. It's time to get up to scratch with the bow and arrow on our Archery Experience!!

DC Activities

Is her superhero icon Wonder Woman? Her forever youthful completion and swooshing hair, her highly skilled training in combat and her magnificent badassness paired with some bullet proof bracelets. Unfortunately, we aren't made out of clay too and can't hold onto our youthful completion forever. That's, even more reason for having a Destination Spa Weekend with the girls, take some time to relax unwind and feel 10 years younger. If you too process bracelets that stop flying bullets. It's time to put it to the test on one of our Paintballing hen parties. See how you fare on the battle ground and if you can bring an end to all wars.

Finishing Touches

There are so many superheroes and so many activities you could choose to between to achieve the ultimate superhero hen party. Add extra touches with costumes and décor. Hang some superhero comic bunting, make some kryptonite vodka jelly shots and serve some Harley Quinn cocktails. For more ideas, inspiration and even superhero drinking games check out our Superhero hen party Pinterest board!

the walking dead hen party theme

The walking dead

If your ‘Miss to Mrs' keeps looking at building and explaining how she would secure it ready for a zombie apocalypse. It's fairly safe to say she is most likely binge watching The Walking Dead.


How would you react to reading "Don't open dead inside" on the hospital room door you're inside, after waking up from weeks of being in a coma? Thankfully you aren't utterly alone, you have your girls with you. Experience what it would be like to be in the middle of a zombie epidemic. Discover which character of the walking dead you're most like. Do you too become a hardened veteran like Rick and Carol? Do you also lack the ability to say Carl correctly? Killing the walkers and human threats for the greater cause. Or are you more like Daryl and still use your heart as well as your head to make your decisions. Perhaps a little impulsive and quick tempered all underlined with true strength and loyalty. Either way, see if you make the cut to be part of the group on our hen party zombie experience.

What would your fighting style be? Would you use a staff like Morgan? Or perhaps you would hit the ground and take cover like the group do during the horde. Learning how to fire a gun will definitely help your odds of surviving. Learn how to throw an axe or shoot a rifle on our Shooting & Weapon hen party, anything to keep those walkers at a safe distance.

It's not just being bitten you have to be wary of. There are those pesky cannibals that might be wanting to butter you up. Best be careful you're not the next shish ke-bob! However you meet your demise, you are already infected with the virus. Unless someone destroys your brain, it's inevitable you will be coming back as a walker yourself. Being a walker doesn't have to be all doom and gloom, at least Lizzie seemed to think so. I just hope you don't have to "Look at the flowers" too! Partake with your fellow walkers in our Thriller Dance Class.

Travel Entertainment

Gather your bride tribe and take on the walking dead journey. Find out who will come out alive and who will be a walker? Whilst The Walking dead isn't known for its humour it doesn't mean we can't have a laugh and a good time along the way. Avid walking dead fans have a great sense of humour, just check out the best 25 walking dead memes we found!

Food, Drinks & More

With food no longer being what it used to be since the epidemic. Perhaps you should serve some Mozzarella eyeballs, one might even be Carl's or Brian's. Or create the grave stones cemetery cake of all of those who have fallen. Sip on the Negan cocktail whilst unwrapping your Walker hen party survival kit! For even more ideas and even some costume suggestions check out our Walking Dead hen party board


Whichever theme suits your bride-to-be just don’t hold back on going all out for it. The more you put in, the more kickass it will be. Bring reality to a world beyond ours and put a huge smile on her face. If there is a geek theme we haven’t covered and you would like some hen party ideas, please let us know in the comments below. We also have a part 1 so please check it out to see if we have the perfect theme for you. 

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