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How to throw the ultimate autumn hen party

autumn hen party

There’s something about autumn that makes us want to sprinkle everything with cinnamon and nutmeg. Snuggle up in cosy blankets and look up to the stars. So if your bride to be is having a winter wedding, it may mean you will need to organise an autumn hen party. Here is our ultimate autumn hen party guide to have you embracing the season in all its glory. 


The weather gets a little chilly and harder to predict but it doesn’t mean you have to stay cooped up inside if you don’t want to. So here’s are our top activates for your autumn hen party. 

Autumn slumber hen party

Slumber Party 

Ladies, it’s finally time to get out those cosy socks, comfy fleeced lined Pyjamas and your dressing gown that is softer than feathers. Be completely comfortable and at ease as whilst a professional therapist works there magic with some mini beauty treatments. The cold weather can cause havoc your skin and hair, drying it out and losing its shine. So indulge in the slumber party to restore and pamper yourself back to your naturally beautiful self with your ladies. This is the ultimate feel good evening on a cold autumn night.  Topped off with a chocolate fountain and popcorn machine, the ultimate movie compliments for your slumber hen party.

inflatable games hen party

Inflatable Games 

No matter the weather this will have your hen party in hysterics. Unleash your inner competitor as you strive to win in your teams at one of our games. From West Country, Welsh or even it’s a knockout. These are great outdoor activities that will have you forgetting it's autumn as you compete against your hens. After all, a little fresh air is good for the soul! 

cocktail making hen do

Cocktail making

Take the chill off by slipping on your booze jacket at a cocktail making class. Shake, muddle and stir away the evening with your girls. Learn how to make the classics as well as any firm favourites. Cocktail making is a brilliant ice breaker for all groups and gets everyone in the hen spirit! This is one autumn hen party activity not to be missed!

nude life drawing hen party

Nude life drawing

Do you have a blushing bride to be on your hands? Well, time for her to cheeks to get a little rosy at Nude life drawing! If she isn’t one for a stripper or a live show but you don’t want her to miss out on the experience. Nude life drawing is the perfect classy alternative. You won’t have to worry about any autumn chills creeping in, as you practice your drawing techniques. Creating beautiful works of art to take home as a great souvenir of the hen party. 

escape games hen party

Escape Games

If it happens to be a particularly dreary day as some autumn days can be. Choose to escape it and see if you can escape the room with your hens! If you are still an escape game virgin and want some insider hints and tips to help give you the edge check out our blog on mastering Escape games. Test your team work and your smarts to see if you can come out triumphant. 

hygge hen party

Hygge inspired

Hygge has been sweeping the nation as a must trend this year. With its Danish roots, it doesn’t fully translate the easiest into English. Think along the lines of warm cosy nights with friends, family and nature. It encourages sleep, tea, open fires, candlelight, long walks, laughter, hugs and love. What’s not to love and what is better for an autumn evening? There is a lot more depth to this Danish tradition and way of life, from the correct about of lumens for the perfect Hygge evening, to what produce and what recipes to follow.

If you are wanting to channel your inner Dane and throw a Hygge inspired hen party we suggest you stock up on lots of candles. Get comfy, wear your comfy socks and your fav jumper. Leave your phones at home or away so you are fully present in the moment. Treat yourself and your hens to some scrumptious home cooking! Bring the outdoors in with your table centre pieces. Leave all drama at the door and use this time to build and strengthen your relationships with each other. Share those embarrassing stories of how you met, your favourite or fondest moments. 

autumn weddings lights

Autumn Hen Party Décor

Embrace the colours of autumn with rich oranges, vibrant yellows, deep browns and vivid reds. Perhaps introduce touches of gold to highlight and bring out the natural beauty of autumn. Bring the outside in!

 “Fairy lights are a great way to add atmosphere to your event or party and using different lengths of the same design are a really easy way to create a memorable theme with minimal effort!” Coral, Owner of Autumn Weddings.

 We have been speaking with Autumn Weddings about their range of autumn inspired fairy lights, and we are more than a little bit in love with this collection! With so many colours and sizes available, you can fully transform any room and table. Making them perfect for the home, a venue or even a hotel room.

 If you fancy treating yourself to some of these lights you can find Autumn Weddings full collection on both Amazon and Etsy!

autumn hen party food

Autumn Party Food

Autumn means it’s time to get our winter bodies on, after all, it’s the time to eat and hibernate.

So if you are wanting to feel inspired by the seasonal produce think pumpkins, pears, aubergine, garlic, squash, apples and blackberries. These are just a few key items of autumns produce and by no means all. What about a pumpkin pecan cobbler or if you are more savoury than sweet what about a spiced aubergine dip and vegetable crisps.

Or if you are after some naughty crowd pleasers how about some cranberry and brie pastry bites? A Caramel, pear and pecan pie? For even more seasonal recipe ideas and inspiration why don’t you check out and follow one of our favourite food bloggers Ren Behan for her seasonal food recipes. 

autumn hen party drinks

Best Autumn Drinks

Homemade sloe gin, gingerbread pumpkin spiced lattes, mulled pear and ginger cider or even some Glogg should be on the drinks menu for sure. It’s time to warm yourself up from the inside and what better way than with a hand and heart-warming drink or two. For these tasty recipes and even more ideas have a look at our autumn hen party ideas Pinterest board!



Autumn is all about shaking off the chill, getting warm and cosy. Whether you opt for some naughtiness to make your cheeks flush or share some Baileys hot chocolate with your girls. There are so many options for you to choose between. Don’t be put off by the weather, embrace the magic of autumn! 

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