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15 of the best Halloween costume ideas this year

halloween costume ideas

Halloween is just around the corner. If you are heading off to your Halloween hen party or just getting ready for Halloween here’s our inspiration for this year’s top Halloween Costume Ideas.  We have you covered with what we predict will be trending this year and our favourite last minute Halloween fancy dress ideas. We have it all to ensure you will be Boo-tiful and creeping it real this Halloween.

Trending Fancy Dress Ideas

Are you searching for that perfect Halloween costume idea to inspire your creativity? Want all the witches to bow down to your amazing Halloween costume? Well here’s our top 7 trending Halloween costume ideas for 2017! 


Clowns are going to be making a big come back! Since Stephan King’s adaption of IT has been giving us chills and thrills on the big screen, you will be sure to see lots of pennywise clowns. With so many different types of clowns to pick between, you are bound to have your own unique take on your clown costume. A few of our favourite accessories are this Pierrot hat and this clown neck ruffle perfect for changing any outfit with some face paint. Or if you wanted a full costume check out this ladies horror clown costume.

Disney Halloween costume ideas


Some of our much beloved Disney movies have or are being remade. No longer animated they are coming to life on the big screen. From the Jungle book to beauty and the beast, we have been enchanted once more. So pick your favourite Disney character with Halloween Costumes and bring them to life as you see best! 

Wonder Woman

So if you watched in ore and wanted to be kick ass Diana, Princess of the Amazons, the god-killer, the daughter of Zeus, goddess of war. Now you can with these Halloween fancy dress costumes from Luvyababes. Who wouldn’t want to be Diana as she first discovers her inner strength? With so many costumes portrayed over the years, you can pick and choose your own personal favourite outfit to date. What trouble will you be getting up to on your Halloween hen party with the power of a god and the lasso of truth?

game of thrones Halloween ideas

Game of Thrones

With every impending death and battle that brought as closer and closer to the edge of our seats and end of this series, we couldn’t help but want to make our favourite mythical world a reality with some clever Halloween fancy dress ideas. I think after the last series we all wanted to be Daenerys with our own dragons. Which Daenerys costume will you choose this Halloween? With Halloween Costumes there are plenty to choose between!

Stranger things

2017 has been the year Netflix hasn’t stopped delighting our home screens with their amazing original series. First of all, they brought us Stranger things! Do you want to get some justice for Barbs? Or do you too have a taste for some eggos? Dress as your favourite character and don’t hold back! We have found an amazing Eleven fancy dress outfit thanks to Escapade that would be the perfect Stranger Things Halloween costume! We have even created a board with some of our favourite stranger things Halloween costume ideas so be sure to check it out for even more inspiration! 


Another Netflix original series that had our eyes glued to our home screens.  Work out who your wrestling persona would be as you hit it back to 1980. Bring on the extra hairspray and that bright blue eyeshadow. Or bring it to the modern day with a twist. Do you relate to Sheila ‘the She Wolf’ or Ruth as ‘Zoya the Destroya’? Rock the big hair and don’t get stage fright like Machu Picchu. Gather your girls and enter the ring in full costume this Halloween! 

mermaid unicorn fancy dress ideas

Mermaids & Unicorns

These much beloved mythical creatures have been a big inspiration this year so much so we have had unicorn pool floats, mermaid make up brushes and even a unicorn Frappuccino! We cant get enough, so don that glitter girl. It’s time to get your magic on, who will you pick Mermaid or Unicorn? If you are unsure how to bring these mythical costumes to life then have a look at Halloween Costumes amazing selection, you will be spoilt for choice this Halloween! 

Last Minute Fancy Dress Ideas

Where did the time go? You swore this year you would put the time aside to have that killer costume this Halloween. Somehow it’s now the 30th and you haven’t even started. Don’t panic here’s our top 8 last minute fancy dress costumes to see you through this Halloween! 

Roy Lichtenstein Pop Art

All you will need is a white eyeliner, black eyeliner, a pop of red lippy and some blue eyeshadow. Let all be honest ladies we are bound to have most of these on hand or can easily grab one from most supermarkets or beauty shops the night before. Simply scatter your face with white dots on a grid-like system. Use the black eyeliner to define your cheeks, jaw, hairline, nose, eyebrows and lips. Draw on a tear line and single tear, colour with blue. Put on your lippy and highlight with a drop of white. Pop on your favourite black dress and woolah you are done.


Who doesn’t love wearing all black? If you don’t have cat ears or the time to pop into a fancy dress shop then simply grab a few bobby pins and sculpt them out of hair. Use your eyeliner to create a cat eye, draw in your nose and whiskers. Meoooow, you are now the cats’ pyjamas. 


So put on a white top and trousers, empty out your first aid kit of all your bandages. If your first aid kit is clean out of bandages then just use loo roll with the odd safety pin to secure in place. Wrap it around to create that layered look. If you have some face paint opt for a deathly white face with black to create that Skelton look.


All you need is a black and white striped top, some black braces, a beret or a bowler hat and some face paint. There a few different ways to achieve the mime look, check out our Halloween fancy dress ideas board to see some of our favourites! It’s simple and effective.

Where’s Waldo

Get out that red and white striped top, dig out that red beanie, pop on your jeans and those glasses. If you don’t have a spare pair of specs lying around, push the lenses out of your 3D cinema classes and they will do the trick. This is also a great group hen party fancy dress costume!

wednesday adams halloween costume idea

Wednesday Adams

Who doesn’t like wearing a little black dress and pair it with a cute white collar? Plait your hair and bingo your Wednesday. Remember her statement RBF face, no need to smile and a great excuse to give everyone the stink eye. 


This is an easy last-minute costume, grab that black and white striped top. Pair it with some black jeans, gloves, hat and shoes. Make an eye mask or draw one on with eyeliner, then it’s time to make a quick swag bag out of a pillowcase! Get into character as rob some friends of some treasures! 

Mean girls – she doesn’t even go here!

Mean Girls is a classic, so it’s ok to be a little obscure with this fancy dress costume as at least a handful of people in the room would have seen it the movie over 10 times! Got a baby blue hoodie? Perfect, pull the strings tight, grab a piece of cardboard black marker and write “She doesn’t even go here!” then put on some sunglasses and the look is complete.  Or if you are a group of 4, all wear pink, mock up a burn book and say fetch a few times to complete your plastics look. After all “On Wednesday we wear pink”


Hopefully, you are ready to go bump in the night and haunt what your mamma gave you this Halloween. If you are looking for the perfect Halloween activities for your hen party then check out our blog here or if you want to see how much you love Halloween, take this Halloween Quiz

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