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Why a Hen Party in the UK is the best option for 2018!

why a hen party in the Uk is the best option

So you have been tasked with organising a hen do, with so much to think about from what, when, who there is the most importantly WHERE?

Most hen do organisers have the hard decision to decide if they should stick to home soil or to travel abroad. To help ease this decision here’s our explanation as to why you should pick the UK every time. 

flight prices increasing

Flight increases abroad

It is often hard enough to find a weekend that works for your group. Jetting off from the UK just for a hen weekend away often means you are limited to Europe. We have seen flight prices to Europe increase with Brexit sadly.

The higher that hen do budget goes the fewer people will be able to make it and the more of that going on flights is less than is being spent on what you actually want to do.

Is the cost of airport parking and flights more important than who is invited and what you do? What is the most important factor for your bride-to-be? 

hen party activities in the UK

There are more hen do activities in the UK than you think.

If you are only picturing a standard night out in your local pub then it’s time to go back to the drawing board. There is so much on offer right here in the UK for hen parties, don’t believe just click here!

If you are wanting to experience the European beer bike try our prosecco bike in Brighton. Want to feel as if you are in the heart of Brazil opt for our London Carnival experience? Want to feel like you are in Norway, head to London’s ICEBAR.

From nude life drawing to cocktail classes, the world is your lobster. If you can dream it, you can achieve it right here in the UK. 

hen party budget

Better for your hen weekend budget.

There is always the budget to consider when arranging a hen do. From travel expenses, hen accommodation to the perfect hen activity.

By staying in the UK we are able to offer our groups hen do packages under £100 per person. Including 1-night accommodation, hen weekend activity, 2-course meal and VIP Club entry! Here are our top top 5 hen packages under £100! With these sorts of prices, you can ensure there is money for extras touches and ensure your whole group can afford to go. 

bigger hen party group sizes

Better for bigger hen groups

If it is imperative to your bride-to-be that she has all of her girls with her to celebrate her hen weekend then you are best sticking to the UK for her hen weekend.

If she wants to invite everyone from her mother-in-law to her university friends it is easier to arrange your UK hen activities to suit the group without anyone feeling left out. You could arrange for some members to arrive later, or leave earlier.

It is often considered a big ask to expect a large unfamiliar group to head aboard. If you are yet to break the ice with everyone and want the group to bond before the wedding date. Try our cocktail making class, it is sure to break the ice and get everyone in the hen do spirit. 

make your hen party heartfelt

Sentimental value on your hen weekend

What city did the bride meet her groom? Where did the MOH first meet the Bride-to-be? Where did she grow up? Where is left on her bucket list of places to visit.

Don’t miss the opportunity to give a personal touch to her hen do, after all, it is in celebration of her imminent wedding day. You know her best, you know how to pull on her heart string and make her feel important and cared for. 


No matter which city or hen do package you opt for there will be the perfect UK hen do for her. With savings from not spending on flights, airport taxis and transfers you can put this towards ensuring the quality of your weekend. Treating her to upgrades and ensuring she has everyone around her doing hen weekend activities tailored to her.

If you want to get inspired as to what you can achieve for a UK hen weekend have a look at our range here, or drop a call to one of our expert party planners on 0115 895 5914 or to contact us here.

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