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Top wedding anniversary gifts part 2

wedding anniversary list uk part 2

Hoorah! Congratulations on making it over a decade together in one piece. To help celebrate every milestone on your marital journey together we have compiled our top gifts in keeping with the traditional wedding anniversary list UK.

Having mastered a decade of heart-warming personal presents you might be running out of steam. Let us put the wind back in your sails and set you up with some great gifts for the next 10 years.

If you are looking for a quick snapshot have a look at our overview of our wedding anniversary list for the first 20 anniversaries themes!

Sometimes looking back at part 1 might just inspire you in a new direction. So to have a look at part 1 here. 

11th Wedding Anniversary Gift - Steel

11th Wedding Anniversary Gift - Steel

Whilst there can only be one ‘Man of Steel’ mmmm yummy Clark Kent! Your relationship is pretty extraordinary and out of this world. Steel is one of the strongest metals found on earth and what a great material to celebrate the strength of your relationship forged 11 years ago.

For this year’s 11th wedding anniversary we love Oakdene Designs Steel photo print! Simple and elegant we think this would make a great addition to your home over the years. Perhaps you will choose the picture of your first date or your first home together, include a personalised caption and date. It will be sure to give some warm and fuzzy feelings to your other half.

If you can’t wait 11 years and are yet to tie the knot! Check out our current competition where you could win an Oakdene steel photo print of your very own.  

Images sourced from Oakdene Designs

12th Wedding Anniversary Gifts - Silk

12th Wedding Anniversary Gifts - Silk

Silk is a strong fabric, soft to touch and fine in quality much like your bond. All the creases have been ironed out and you’re onto smooth sailing. Knowing you can sail the seas, test your wings and take flight on an aerial silks beginner’s class for two. This class will have you both discovering new talents as you cover the basics of aerial silks.

Images sourced from Indytute

13th Wedding Anniversary - Lace

13th Wedding Anniversary - Lace

Made by intertwining threads, looping and binding them to create a beautiful intricate pattern. 13 years and your lives are ‘laced’ together. Hope & Willow’s concrete lace votive holders are the perfect gift to celebrate. Whilst lace is a delicate material we searched for a gift that highlights its strength and stability which has stood the test of time. Beautiful and intricate. We think these votive holders are just that.

Images sourced from Hope & Willow

14th Wedding Anniversary Gift - Ivory

14th Wedding Anniversary Gift - Ivory

In today’s times, we have moved away from gifts made of ivory, instead choosing gifts that are based around the elephant. Besides never forgetting, they are also thought to be lucky and offer protection. Old wise animals that hold a lot of spiritual symbolism.

The exotic teapot’s Elly cast iron teapot is our top pick for your 14th wedding anniversary. Grow old with your other half, enjoy sitting down with cups of tea in each other’s company. Discuss matters whilst sipping on a freshly brewed pot of tea.

Images sourced from The Exotic Teapot

15th Wedding Anniversary Gift - Crystal

15th Wedding Anniversary Gift - Crystal

Well, this is might not be overly friendly on your back pocket but all for good reason. Crystal symbolises clarity and being reflective, something to be cherished and held in admiration.

Whilst crisp clear crystal glasses immediately spring to mind for this anniversary theme. We couldn’t help ourselves with Decadorn’s natural crystal air plant and candle holder. They captivate the eye and draw you in with their natural beauty. A fun addition to any home.

Images sourced from Decadorn

16th  Wedding Anniversary Gift - Wax

16th  Wedding Anniversary Gift - Wax

The light in the darkness, the burning flame still lit and going strong. For this we weren’t content with just picking a candle off the shelf, we want one that has the personal touch. One that has been blended and created with love, consideration and thought. For this what could be better than a candle making workshop for 2 with Earl of East London. Getting to take home your very own 6oz soy wax candle each, perfect for a cute candle-lit scrumptious meal for 2 in the evening!

Images sourced from Earl of East London

17th Wedding Anniversary Gift - Shells

17th Wedding Anniversary Gift - Shells

Home to the ocean; vast expansive and endless. It’s easy to see the symbolism for your 17th wedding anniversary. A shell has survived both the calms tides and the stormy seas, a journey you have been on together.

We loved Cow Shed Interiors Shell Lamp, before as a bedside light. It might even solve the issue of whose turn it is to turn off the light. Whilst we all know the fundamental rule of you last one in turns off the light, we always try our luck. This natural coastal shell ceramic lamp is one to solve that very problem.

Image sourced from Cowshed Interiors

18th Wedding Anniversary Gift - Feathers

18th Wedding Anniversary Gift - Feathers

“Like birds of a Feather, we stick together.” This wedding anniversary theme symbolises a soaring relationship, flying freely together in union.

If you too have fallen in love with the Scandinavian lifestyle that has been sweeping the nation from Hygge nights to Lagom mornings. Then you are going to fall in love with Norrö Designs' Sulka Framed Feathers! Effortlessly elegant with its simple untouched beauty, it is the essence of Scandinavian living. If you are having trouble picking between which types of feathers to choose from Ostrich to Lady Amherst Pheasant. Why not go for both and take advantage of our exclusive discount code? Use the code UKGirl15 to receive 15% discount before the end of May 2018.

19th Wedding Anniversary Gift - Chilli

19th Wedding Anniversary Gift - Chilli

Hot, full of flavour and not to be underestimated. Chilli sure can tingly your taste buds with its spice.

If you are looking for a spicy weekend away with your other half, really heat things up with a Chilli farm tour and tasting experience for two! Head off the beaten track to The Upton Cheyney Chilli Company at Manor Farm situated in a small traditional Cotswold village. If you can really handle the heat take on the challenge and try the world’s hottest chilli, the Carolina Reaper!

Images sourced from The Upton Cheyney Chilli Company

20th Wedding Anniversary Gift - China

20th Wedding Anniversary Gift - China

HUGE congratulation on making it 2 decades together! Now we are not under any illusion that every moment has been a windswept fairy tale. There has been some trials and tribulations along the way. Love can be fragile and vulnerable. If it is looked after and given its due care and attention it can flourish and last. It is for this reason that China is traditionally the theme for the 20th Wedding anniversary gift.

For this, we thought China Betty’s Personalised scented candle cup was the perfect token gift. Simple in design, hand decorated and poured with a choice of fragrance. Your names and anniversary date on a bone china cup. Show the flame is still lit, the love is still there just like it was on the first date. 

Images sourced from China Betty


 Another decade under wraps and ready to win you all the brownie points you could hope for. We really hope our wedding anniversary list ticks all your boxes and you have more blissful martial years ahead.

If you haven’t already seen our part 1 covering your 1st anniversary to your 10th have a look and see if they too inspire your gifts or maybe even a cheeky birthday or Christmas gift for your other half!

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