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Hen Party Forfeits

Hen Party Forfeits

We all know that with every hen party dare you need a hen party forfeit to punish the victim for their crime of not completing their dare. To help you figure out an appropriate forfeit we have put together a list of our top 10 favourite forfeits. Ranging from “nice” all the way to damn right naughty. Depending on the type of people on your hen party you will have a selection of forfeits to suit all needs. We have drinking forfeits, funny forfeits and even forfeits for adults!

At UKGirlThing we are experts in dishing out dares and forfeits every once in a while. So if you need a helping hand with some hilarious hen party dares? We have your back! Check out the hen do dares page and find the perfect forfeit to match the dare.

If your hen party wants to spice things up a little, why not print out the hen party forfeits. Put the hen party forfeit cards in a hat and let the victim choose their own fate at random. 

Top 10 Hen Party Forfeits

Top 10 list

Let’s kick start our list of hen party forfeits with something that every group can do. Before we work our way to something a little naughtier for those of you who are a bit more extreme!

  1. Neck it!
    Whatever you’re drinking, it’s time to get it down you! For this forfeit, you must down your drink in one.

  2. Toilet problems
    Come out of the toilet and walk to the girls with toilet roll tucked into your knickers. Looks hilarious when wearing a skirt. Minimum 6 pieces, more the merrier.

  3. Banned words
    This one is simple, your victim cannot use the words “Yes” or “No”. If they use the words they must have a drink.

  4. Hen’s cup
    Everyone in the group has to add a little bit of their drink to a pint glass. The victim of this forfeit has to down that pint in one.

Hen Party Forfeits - Hen's Cup
  1. Need a hand?
    Go into the men’s toilets offering anyone at the urinal a hand. Someone else may need to accompany the victim to verify they did the deed.

  2. Seamstress
    Find a bloke at the bar and measure the inside of his leg.

  3. She-man
    Head over to the bar and convince a man that you used to be a bloke. As an added challenge try to convince him to do the same!

Hen Party Forfeits - She-Man
  1. Candymen
    Wear a candy necklace and get different men to take a nibble from around your neck.

  2. Safe drinking
    Using only your mouth, you must fit a condom over a bottle. You are bound to get a few men staring in awe.

  3. Saucy!
    Find the youngest barman and whisper your sauciest dream to him in your most seductive voice possible.

Hen Party Forfeits - Saucy

For an ultimate punishment create a sign to place on the victim that reads:

 ”Have a forfeit for me? Text or call: insert number

Hen Party Forfeits - The Ultimate Forfeit

There you go ladies! The top 10 hen party forfeits that we have to offer, head on your hen party and dish these bad boys out! If you haven’t yet, then check out some of the very best hen party dares or if this is not enough we also have hen party truth or dare questions and hilarious photo dares.

Let us know how your forfeits go and if you know of any more that we may have missed, see you in the next one.

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