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The Perfume Studio | Perfume making experience

Here at UKGirlThing we were fortunate enough for The Perfume Studio to visit and introduce us to the world of perfumers. We had the opportunity to discover and learn all the secret tips and tricks that our lucky hens get to discover on their perfume making hen party. The Perfume Studio took us through the perfume making process, starting with an introduction where we learnt about the high-end fragrance blends that The Perfume Studio use to create their magnificent perfumes before having a smelling session of 21 different accords that they use to blend their perfumes together.

The perfume we made

"I liked how everyone’s preferences gave insight into people’s personalities too" - Charlie

What we learnt about perfume making

Did you know there are 3 different notes within perfumes that all tell us different things? Top notes are the initial smell we get from spraying perfumes and these were the accords we smelt first- we rated each one out of 5 and described what we smelt (it’s fair to say all of us were totally amazed at what we found out). Each different smell had a different meaning and it left us all in total disbelief as everything was so accurate! Then we smelt the middle note accords which are known as the ‘money shot’ as they are the smells that attract customers most into purchasing a perfume. We then proceeded to smell the bottom note accords which give the foundation of the fragrance. All the accords were totally unique and some complimented each other perfectly and we were able to put some great smelling perfumes together!

There was a lot of differing opinions between the colleagues at UKGirlThing throughout the smelling process, some were popular amongst everyone, but some really did split the room in half! There was one special base accord that everyone instantly loved, and that was the Balsamic accord which led to the majority of us having double measurements in the perfume we made later on! 

The Perfume Studio supplier

"It was great fun and the gentlemen who took the class was great" - Deanne

Making our own perfume to take home

We must thank The Perfume Studio for giving us the opportunity to make our own perfume after we learnt so much about such an intriguing process! This was the most fun part and the part where everyone discussed and debated what accords to have in their own perfume! There was no limit on how many accords we wanted to add into our 5ml perfume atomiser- as you can imagine some of us decided to have several accords to see what smell we could come up with! Shall we find out what some of the team put in their perfumes and what they thought of the perfume making experience? I think so!

Cam had a double measurement of Balsamic accord which was complimented with half measurements of Transparent and Heady Floral- ‘To say I am your typical boy, I never thought I’d be so fascinated by a perfume making experience, I must say there is so much more to the perfume making process than I thought. It is the perfect activity idea for all groups and you should definitely try it out!

Charlie said that ‘Perfume making was so much fun and a real eye-opener! Learning about the different accords and how you can’t create a bad smelling perfume from their accords. I liked how everyone’s preferences gave insight into people’s personalities too. I can see how this would be a great icebreaker for hen parties! Perfect for a range of ages too. My perfume had 2 x balsamic, ½ amber, 1 heady floral, 1 citrus, ½ transparent’

Deanne said that ‘I found the perfume making class extremely interesting learning about all the different smells and what works best together. I think it’s great to get to know your group and a real ice breaker. It was great fun and the gentlemen who took the class was great. I used balsamic, heady floral & rose floral’

Jo said that ‘Learning how to create our own personal scent with The Perfume Studio was such a fantastic afternoon. It was really fun to learn what goes into making perfume and how the different accords can really complement each other into making a scent that is totally unique to you’. Jo used Balsamic, Fruity, Heady Floral and Rose Floral.

The Perfume Studio accords

The perfume making experience is definitely something we would all love to do again and if we were asked we wouldn’t hesitate to reply with a simple ‘YES’! It was both intriguing and fascinating, but also extremely enjoyable and fun for all of us that took part. Take a look at our fantastic range of perfume making activity ideas that our wonderful suppliers at The Perfume Studio will run for your group!

The perfume making experience is definitely a unique experience that was both fun and insightful. This could easily be a great gift for couples making a unique scent for each other, a fun birthday celebration, mothers day gift as well as a hen party. Once you have created your own perfume and proudly named it, you can reorder your custom scent again and again! Made with the highest quality accords from a perfumer, Francois Robert, who has worked with GUCCI and Coco Chanel, we know we would all jump at the opportunity to create our own perfumes again. Explore our range of perfume making experiences and find the perfect class for your occasion. Our event organisers will always be on hand to answer any questions you may have so please don’t hesitate to contact us for more information.

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