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Getting There - Liverpool


How to get to liverpool

Liverpool is located in the heart of Merseyside on the North-Western tip of England. Also Liverpool is one of the UK's biggest cities and is reachable by road, rail, air and sea.


Liverpool coach station is located just a short walk from the city centre making it simple and easy to travel to from many UK towns and cities


The 2 main roads taking you to Liverpool are the M6 and M62

See the approximate distance and length of car journey below

Distance Time
Birmingham 100 Miles 1 Hour & 45 Minutes
Manchester 35 Miles 45 Minutes
London 210 Miles 3 Hours & 45 Minutes
Leeds 75 Miles 1 Hour & 20 Minutes
Newcastle 175 Miles 3 Hours & 5 Minutes
Glasgow 220 Miles 3 Hours & 40 Minutes
Cardiff 210 Miles 3 Hours & 35 Minutes


Liverpool train station is located in the city centre.

See the approximate length of train journey below

Birmingham 1 Hour & 40 Minutes
Manchester 1 Hour
London 2 Hours & 40 Minutes
Leeds 2 Hours
Newcastle 3 Hours & 45 Minutes
Glasgow 3 Hours and 30 Minutes
Cardiff 3 Hours & 40 Minutes


If you're travelling to Liverpool by air you will need to fly to Liverpool's John Lennons Airport (LPL)


You can get a ferry to Liverpool from places such as Belfast, Dublin and the Isle of Man

Tip for travelling

Groups of 3 or more people travelling together are often eligible for group travel discounts when travelling by train or coach. Please check with your provider prior to booking your tickets separately.

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