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All Dance Classes Hen Party in Chester

All Dance Classes Hen Party in ChesterAll Dance Classes Hen Party in ChesterAll Dance Classes Hen Do in ChesterAll Dance Classes Hen Party in Chester
  • Select your theme of dance class from the selection below
  • Includes your very own private venue for you to strut your stuff with music included
  • Personal professional and experienced dance tutor
  • Fun one hour dance class including warm-up and themed dance routine suitable for all ages and fitness levels
  • Why not murder the dancefloor and perform your routine on your night out or even wow the guests on your special day
  • Individual certificate of achievement for each person
  • There are plenty of opportunities for photographs, so don’t forget your cameras ladies
  • Arriving in your own fancy dress is welcomed and encouraged as it will help to get you into character. Although all dance classes can be enjoyed without fancy dress
  • If you have a dance theme in mind that is not included in this list, let us know and we can confirm with the venue

Disney – Make sure you have no worries for the rest of your days with this amazing Disney inspired dance class. Discover a whole new world and let it go whilst dancing along to your favourite tracks from the movies of your childhood

1980s Dance Class - Pack your neon leg warmers, Lycra and tutus as anything is acceptable in the 80’s! Fabulous fashion, hilarious hair and musical pop classics. What’s not to love about this incredible era? Why not get dressed up in neon outfits with leg warmers, leotards and scrunchies (remember scrunchies?) and dance till your heart's content

Burlesque Dance Class – Bring out your sensual and flirtatious side with this Burlesque inspired dance class. Get glammed up in your own corsets, gloves and heels as you embrace the authentic and sensual burlesque routine. (Why not upgrade to a 2 hour dance class and learn how to incorporate feather boas into your sexy routine?)

Cheerleading Dance Class – Learn how to jump, spin, chant and cheer whilst shaking those pom poms in this F-A-B-U-L-O-U-S dance class. Start off with some classic cheerleading combinations before putting them together to create an amazing final routine. Get your thinking caps on girls as you’ll need to come up with your very own personalised chant

Rocky Horror – Be outrageous and show Doctor Frank-n-Furter a thing or two when it comes to dance moves. You could dress up in sexy corsets and fishnet tights and learn classic routines from the Rocky Horror Show

Grease Dance Class - Whether you are a 'beauty school dropout' or want to live those 'summer nights' you will love re-creating scenes from this fantastic movie. We are taking you back to Rydell High in this electrifyin' experience where you can strut your stuff like Sandy, Rizzo or Frenchie with a prom style dance-off. (Why not upgrade to a 2 hour dance class and incorporate those classic Pink Lady jackets into your routine)

Time of your Life Dance Class - Embrace your inner dancer and ensure you have the time of your life with this 60’s themed dance class. You will learn a classic routine to some of the fantastic songs from the Dirty Dancing film. Choose your favourite look from the film with either the famous jean shorts, crop top and white pumps or the classic knee length pink dress and heels for pure elegance. Remember, nobody puts Baby in a corner!

Pop Diva Dance Class - Ever wanted to learn how to dance like your favourite pop stars? Well here’s your chance in this fantastic Pop Diva dance class taking you through the moves from some of your favourite music videos. Learn to strut your stuff like pussycat doll Nicole Scherzinger and be bootylicious like Beyoncé  

Lady Gaga Dance Class - ‘Just Dance’ with this fun and eccentric Lady Gaga inspired dance class guaranteed to get the girls giggling and going Gaga. You will recreate the moves and learn some hot Lady Gaga choreography from some of her most iconic videos

Single Ladies Dance Class – Get those high heels, skimpy black leotard and big hair at the ready ladies and put your hands up in this fun dance class. Re-create the routine from the iconic dance video and you'll be feeling as fierce as Beyoncé in no time. Channel your inner diva and strut, strut, strut!

Great Gatsby – Show Jay Gatsby how it’s done and learn the Charleston dance moves needed to throw an extravagant 1920’s party. Why not get dressed up in glamorous flapper dresses and headbands and dance to classic songs from the film

Showgirls Dance Class – Relive your favourite Broadway musical with “All That Jazz” in this iconic Showgirls dance class. Take a step back into the 1920’s with high kicks and shimmying as you get ready to show off your best showgirl impression. Get those jazz hands ready as it’s time to razzle and dazzle! (Why not upgrade to a 2 hour dance class and learn how to incorporate top hats into your Broadway ready routine?)

Bollywood Dance Class – Girly glamour and eclectic colour, what’s not to love about being a Bollywood babe? Get those arms and hips at the ready for the lively upbeat music taken from the classic movies that you love! You could get dressed in sarees or brightly coloured outfits accessorised with plenty of bangles, earrings and necklaces. (Why not upgrade to a 2 hour dance class and incorporate brightly coloured Bollywood scarves into your routine?)

Belly Dancing Class – Make sure those hips don’t lie with this incredibly sensual Belly dancing class. Bring out your inner Middle Eastern Goddess and learn how to control your body muscles so that you are able to express your inner energy through powerful shimmies and seductive belly rolls. Why not get dressed up as eastern princesses in beaded bras, coin skirts and scarves to complete the beautiful belly dancing look

Street Dance Class - You’ll learn to lock and pop and all that’s hip hop in this hilarious Street dance class. Pick a name for your crew, then get ready to bust some moves ‘old skool’ style as you learn the original steps of hip hop. Show ‘em what you’ve got in your final routine that would even wow Channing Tatum!

Thriller Dance Class – “It’s close to midnight, and something evil’s lurking in the dark”…follow in the footsteps of the King of Pop and learn the iconic Michael Jackson Thriller routine. Heads will roll as you moonwalk and re-enact the classic zombie dance moves from the music video to ensure it’s a thriller night!

Salsa Dance Class – Bring out your inner Latina as you move across the dance floor feeling sensual and sexy with this saucy dance class. Get your seductive salsa face at the ready and sway those sequined skirts before taking to the dancefloor. Shake and sizzle in this super sexy and incredibly hot salsa class  

Glee Dance Class – Don’t stop believing and let out your inner GLEEK as you let your hair down with this ultimate Glee inspired dance class. Become an honorary student at McKinley High and perform some high kicks like Quinn Fabray or see it how Sue C’s it whilst learning the basic dance steps to the classic tunes

Mamma Mia – Say thank you for the music in this amazing Mamma Mia themed dance class. Be a super trouper and lay all your love on me as you dance to the classic Abba songs from the musical

Broadway – Always dreamed of being on Broadway? Take to the stage in this West End to Broadway themed dance class. Express your dramatic side with classics such as; ‘Hey Big Spender’, ‘Chicago’ and ‘America’

For those of you who fancy a dance class packed with even more musical mayhem, you can replace the above package with the following option. Please speak to your Party Planner for more details:

  • 1.5 hours Learn a longer “Showtime” routine dancing to your favourite hits – upgrade from just £1.20 per person
  • 2 hours Learn a longer “Showtime” routine dancing to your favourite hits. Learn how to incorporate props in to your routine (selected classes only), and receive a goody bag stuffed full of treats including a hen party momento book, dare cards, a shot glass and garter (subject to change) – upgrade from just £3.60 per person  


Packages for this Activity

Chester All Dance Classes Hen Party

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  • 1 nights accommodation
  • Exciting Dance Class experiences
  • Variety of themes to choose from
  • 1 hour, 1.5 hour & 2 hour classes are available
  • After Dark Experience
  • Including 2 course meal, bar guide & VIP club entry

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Chester All Dance Classes Hen Weekend

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  • 2 nights accommodation
  • Exciting Dance Class experiences
  • Variety of themes to choose from
  • 1 hour, 1.5 hour & 2 hour classes are available
  • After Dark Experience
  • Including 2 course meal, bar guide & VIP club entry

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