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We are APT Leisure Limited and we presently own 2 brands which are UKGirlThing and Gents Events which specialise in hen and stag party events and packages.

UKGirlThing and her brother company Gents Events are brands all about offering party packages to hen and stag parties that include accommodation, daytime and evening events for the most popular cities within the UK. 

The team here at APT Leisure Limited have been developing events since the early 90's. Therefore we know what we are doing when it comes to bringing you the best party events available. We love the party industry and we love what we do, therefore we will continue to bring you a refreshed fun offering time and time again.  We are the Party Experts and you are in the best hands!   


Our main priority is to ask and listen to what you want and need.  We then develop our offering by getting creative to satisfy and exceed these on all levels, delivering the wow factor in ways that are unique and exclusive to the Hen & Stag Market. These are the questions you continually ask us and here’s how we can assist you:

“We want our Bride to feel special with great prices and extras’’

  • We offer great prices on our packages as one of the largest hen and stag companies within the UK.  We have thousands of people going into our cities and we get great rates from our venues
  • We are all about offering great value for money on our packages and as such offer our clients a ‘cherry on top’ extra that is passed onto our clients for free. These include anything from the Bride receiving a free beauty treatment, offering everyone on the hen party a free glass of wine on arrival through to fantastic party packages in private rooms
  • These are added to certain packages in certain cities and are subject to availability. Our Party Planners would be delighted to discuss these with you to ensure you can secure these where applicable
  • All these ‘cherries’ are courtesy of UKGirlThing and are exclusive in the hen and stag market to our clients only
  • We add little touches at our venues where ever we can. These can be anything from personalised welcome boards at our venues through to securing you the best tables where applicable

“We want deals and special offers”

  • We always have great promotional offers and competitions on every month
  • They differ in location and events and range from Bride going free, to getting stacks of extras for free, through to the Bride and Groom going free
  • To check out this months special offers, please follow the link
  • To check out this months competitions, please follow the link

“We want good quality venues and events’’

  • Hen parties have the paramount importance to be amazing weekends based on what you want to do and your budget. We therefore work with well known and trusted brands. These can range from the likes of the Marriott Group, Hilton Group, Crown Plaza, Holiday Inn Express and Travelodge just to name a few
  • We would never work with venues such as 1* hostels or B&Bs as we cannot control the quality they offer our groups
  • We offer differing standards from bronze packages which are cheaper packages with no frills. This is ideal for the client who might have a lower budget to work with, therefore just wants somewhere to place their heads at night and it's all about the evening and partying. Through to gold packages that is all about the luxury, special touches and amazing value for money with extras. This is ideal for the client who is looking for something extra special for her hen party weekend
  • Therefore you can choose a package or put together your own bespoke package in our create your own section and then select whether you want this with a bronze, silver or gold twist

“We want a traditional hen party that is full of fun, frolics and partying!’’ OR “We want a chic and sophisticated bridal shower’’

  • We are firm believers that ‘one size does not fit all’ so we ensure we develop a range of packages to suit the traditional hen party seeker through to those desiring a more chic and sophisticated bridal shower experience
  • We develop and launch our own events due to our clients desiring events that don’t exist.  So we create propositions with new businesses and exclusive partnerships so we offer the best range within the UK
  • We have great events for the traditional hen party seeker such as Dance Classes, Party Buses, Male Cabaret Evenings, Bar and Club Guides. You can select a bronze, silver or gold hotel with these dependent on budget
  • We have great events for the sophisticated groups such as luxurious Hotel & Spa venues, Supermodel Makeovers and Glamour Puss events, Perfume Making, Vintage Events plus Bar and Club Guides
  • We are passionate that your party event is the best ever and suited to your groups personal make up. So we ensure we listen to what you want and what type of group you are ensuring we can advise accordingly. This is why we have developed party packages that accommodate all group types

“We want to look at great selection of activities to choose from”

  • We have the largest range of hen party activities in the UK
  • Our business development team are busy all day every day going out into our cities and reviewing existing venues, looking at new venues to see if they fit within our high requirements
  • We also develop brand new events bespoke and exclusive to our clients as we listen to what you want and get creative with it. Our most popular ranges are events that we have developed and offer you exclusively. So innovation and being 1st to market with great events you will definitely get from us!
  • To view our selection of activities please visit our page
  • If there is something you have your heart set on but can't find it on our website, just let us know and we can assist you
  • Every event we launch, we have been there and done it [hard job we know!], so you if you are looking for advice then please speak to our expert Party Planners who would be delighted to assist you

“What are the best party cities to go to”

  • We have been in this industry long enough to know which are best the party cities through personal experience and sending thousands of clients to them each and every year. We also receive and publish party trend reports on these which can be found in our Party Inspiration Guide
  • Plus through technology available to businesses on all search engines, such as Google and Bing, we know which cities are searched for by the general public every year
  • We have therefore developed ranges in the most popular cities within the UK
  • We don’t offer the largest range of cities, but we do offer the best. We are firm believers in offering our clients the best locations where they will have a fantastic party weekend
  • We don’t offer locations abroad as we cannot control the quality these venues offer. This is of paramount importance to us. We will only ever offer our clients venues that we have experienced and continue to experience each and every month. We believe the UK has the best party locations and we will stick to delivering quality weekends on our own soil.  

“I want hints, tips and advice on organizing the best hen party”

  • We are dedicated to offering you the best packages, at great value for money prices with best in class customer service throughout your time with us
  • We are also dedicated to providing you with great ideas, hints and tips to ensure you are at all times the hen party hero that you can view at your own leisure! This is available to you at all times and includes:
    • The UKGirlThing Party Inspiration Guide is the 1st and only 100+ page e-magazine dedicated to hen parties. Full of great hints, tips, ideas, party trend reports, real life hen stories for you to read at your own leisure. To view the latest Hen Party Magazine click the link
    • Visit our Party Resource Centre which is the 1st and only party resource centre dedicated to giving you downloadable content on how to become the hen party hero. This includes content such as our blogs, real life hen stories, city brochures and content of the week such as our 1800 t-shirt names

“Some people want a 1 night package whilst others want 2 nights. Help!”

  • Do not worry about this. We offer all clients split packages. So any client can have sub packages on their account
  • So if you have a group where some people want to do some but not all and you have loads of different variations, this is no problem at all. Just let us know and we will get all these variations added to your account and people can attend as much or as little as they want
  • Ensuring that the maximum amount of people attend 

“I don’t want to be stuck with the bill and people cancelling on me last minute”

  • When organising a group event it is inevitable that you may need some alterations or cancel people off after you have paid a deposit. We understand this and this is no problem
  • Unlike most other companies, we do not charge you for any amendments. Other companies charge up to £35 per person for every single alteration to booking. All we ask is that 6 weeks prior to your party date your details are confirmed and we can make the alterations and cancel off any members that have changed their mind
  • Your group would then settle their balance so you will never be out of pocket

“I don’t want the hassle of getting money off every person attending”

  • Payments at UKGirlThing could not be any simpler. Our unique payment portal allows each member of the party to pay individually making it a hassle free procedure available 24 hours a day, 352 days a year
  • We offer a whole host of payment options which ensure paying for your event does not become a headache. You can choose from paying monthly or in one full payment. This ensures the maximum people attend and you don't have any of the hassle.
  • As soon as you book you will be given a unique log in and password for your group, in which you can log on at anytime to see who has paid what amount as it is itemised per transaction. All we ask is that each member of your group settle their balance 6 weeks before you go

“How will I know exactly what I’m getting and are there any hidden charges”

  • We are completely upfront and cover exactly what you are getting and what all charges will be prior to booking
  • Our website contains a high level of detail. We have developed our website where you can view the summary information and then an ‘i’ by each event so you can view all information on each and every venue. It is paramount you have all the information available
  • Upon enquiry we will then send you a personalised proposal, again containing a high level of detail about everything that will be included in your package, so you know exactly what you are paying for. This will also include what the price is based on, such as 2 people sharing a room, minimum group sizes etc. So you are fully aware of all the details
  • When discussing your proposals with your UKGirlThing Party Planner, we will discuss with you prior to booking anything that will affect your package price, so you are fully knowledge at this stage and can brief your group accordingly
  • Therefore prior to booking you have all the information you would ever need 

“I want to book my important event with the best Company, how do I know this is you”

  • We hope the above goes some way to show that we listen to our clients and then develop a best in class offering that is going to wow you, this is our ultimate aim
  • We are 1st to market in bringing fresh new events and content, developing them at our head office with our wonderful team. Being innovative and trend setters within our industry is at the core of what we do
  • The core of our business is offering excellence in all we do and we are confident in saying we offer this
  • Although please don’t just take our word for it, here is a little more information for you to consider before allowing us to assist you in organising the best hen party ever! We would be delighted to help!
  • We achieved a customer feedback rating of 98% of clients rating us as ‘excellent’ which is the highest rating out of 5 they can choose. Even receiving flowers and chocolates sent in from Brides thanking individual team members personally for their assistance. We have the best team who are passionate and dedicated to making sure your party weekend is the best
  • Most company’s review, of the people that booked with them, how did they hear about them? We also do this and the biggest category for us is ‘Word of Mouth’. This is where past clients attending one of our parties re-book because they had an amazing time on our party weekends. We are hugely proud of this!
  • Our market leading venues have quoted us as “the fastest growing hen and stag company due to the volume of business secured with them this year”
  • Visitors to our website spent 63% more time on our site and downloaded 369% more content from our site this year. Meaning you are enjoying and engaging with our content
  • We significantly increased our Facebook likes this year due to our clients wanting to engage with us. Why not join our social community and engage with us or other clients
  • We are not just about taking your booking and never speaking to you again. We look after you from start to finish with your personalised party organizer looking after you and our regular content being sent to you
  • Voted UK's No.1 Hen & Stag Party Provider 2014, 2015 & 2016! UKGirlThing and Gents Events have retained the title of "Best UK Hen & Stag Provider" for 3 years running thanks to  our customers, suppliers & the wedding ideas magazine readers!

We hope the above gives you enough information on whether we are worthy enough to be the company to book your party weekend with. We would be truly delighted to assist you in any and all ways we can, in ensuring you organize the very best party weekend ever! 

We very much would look forward to hearing from you

Love the UKGirlThing Team