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The Hen Party Diary of Nina Helena Pich

Friday 6th July 2012

Today is a very special day for the UKGirlThing blog…OK, maybe it’s just a special day for me and my beautiful sister who was the bride-to-be.  The usual format, is that we here at UKGirlThing provide you lovely blog readers with some top hen do stories.  Today however, I write about my big sisters hen party in Leeds and what a fabulous hen party it was!

So after months of planning the day has finally arrived.  After a quick skirt into the office loos to change out of our work clothes for weekend clothes, Nina’s Hen party has officially started, whoop!  So with the weekends party attire in our trolley dolly’s we head off for the train station.  Take us to Leeds please Mr Train Driver!

The great British weather is already trying to scupper our plans with one of the wettest days on record and the tannoy announces the north has major floods.  A simple 1.5 hour direct trip ends up taking 3 hours and 3 stops.  Although nothing will hinder our party mood and we finally arrive in Leeds ready for our 1st nights antics.

Nina Hen party - Arriving in Leeds

Quick check into our gorgeous and contemporary hotel in the centre of Leeds, where we don our lippy and a quick refresh and a lovely night out is on the cards.  We planned for the 1st night just to be my Sis and I before the madness of our group join us for tomorrow.  So tonight is all about the Bellini!  So we hop into our penthouse hotel bar for Champagne & Bellini’s then into Leeds for a beautiful meal….oh and more Bellini’s!

Nina Hen Party - 1st night drinks

Saturday 7th July 2012

10am - We awake to texts galore as our lovely gaggle of friends inform us they are on route.  One eye open…..are we hung over……hooray nothing major thanks to the pint of water we made ourselves drink the night before plus the full hearty English breakfast in the hotel’s restaurant [Nina will kill me for this photo – no make up! Sorry Nina lol].

Nina Hen Party - Breakfast

12.00pm - Then our gaggle announce their arrival and head to the hotels outdoor bar for our 1st drink of the day.  

Nina Hen Party - The group arrives

12.30pm - Whilst Nina is distracted with the groups arrival I scoot upstairs to fine tune our 1st event of the day ….. UKGirlThing Glamour Puss 

I arranged for a 3 hour event called Glamour Puss for our group, taking place in a private room within the hotel.  This is where we had beauticians join us to glam us all up for our night out.  So I went up to our room to say my hellos and the Beauticians had laid out the room beautifully with a cosmetic candy store….lip glosses, eye shadows, eyelashes, nail varnishes galore with most colours under the sun so our group can choose which they would like.  Perfect!  Thank you to the Hotel, Beauticians and UKGirlThing who had all placed bottles of bubbly into the room….7 bottles to be exact.  Wonderful!

I then dressed the room with hen party sprinkles and hen party decorations and my 1st surprise of the day……photos of Nina placed on the wall with a theme of ‘Nina Loves…….’.  I took 20 themes such as ‘Nina Loves….the 1980’s’, ‘Nina Loves……to Dance’ and selected hilarious photos along these themes.  

12.50pm – Just as I am finished dressing the room I hear ding dong.  The 2nd surprise has just arrived….a butler in the Buff……I hear another ding dong [or is that just in my head lol].  Richard our Butler for the afternoon introduces himself to giggles from the beauticians, they can’t believe they have some eye candy for the day.  After our hellos and briefing he jots off to get ‘undressed’.

1.00pm – Call down to the bar to my partner in crime Michelle to let her know we are ready.  So all our ladies come up to the lift and make their way to our private room where I greet Nina and announce she has an afternoon of pampering and ask her to walk into the room 1st.  Un-be known to Nina, she has a surprise greeting her………….hilarious!

Nina's Hen Party - Butler in the Buff

Then for the next few hours we enjoyed a great afternoon of being pampered, great conversation and giggles and our glasses topped up by our very attentive butler.

3.00pm – Surprise No.3 – The Mr and Mrs Game.  I had organised 20 questions that Nina’s partner Jay had previously answered for himself plus what he thought would be Nina’s answers.  Such as favourite celebrity crush, if you could have a super power what would it be, if there was a house fire what 3 things would you save.  Through to what’s the main thing you love about Nina, what words were used when Jay asked you to marry him etc.  Our butler hosted this quiz and answered on behalf of Jay.  As you can expect this was just hilarious and cute at the same time.  Any questions answered incorrectly where counted and these were the forfeits Nina had to do later.  Not bad Nina….out of the 20 questions you only got 6 incorrect! 

Nina Hen party - Butler Quiz

3.30pm - Cue surprise No.4 – I had arranged a professional photographer to join us for the next 2 hours to capture some great photos.  Thanks Alison from Strawberry Fields Photography.  Then with Glamour Puss over and a quick dart upstairs to change into our evening attire and meet back down in reception for some group photos

Ninas Hen Party - Professional Photography Nina's Hen Party - Professional Photography

4.00pm - Then off in taxis [killer heels and cobbled streets just don’t go together!] to our 2nd event of the day…..Cocktail Making Masterclass

We had a private bar exclusive to our group and our fantastic mixologist Richard [yes the 2nd Richard of the day] greeting us with Strawberry Daiquiris.  We then had a 1.5 hour delight of making & drinking cocktails plus playing great games.  The event was great fun and enjoyed by all, as each of us in teams made it behind the bar to make great cocktails with forfeits…..damn those chilli vodka forfeits!  Then after our class we enjoyed some food platters lining our tummy’s for the evening ahead

Nina's Hen Party - Cocktail Making Ninas Hen Party - Cocktail Making 2

7.30pm – 3rd event of the day…..The Adonis Cabaret!  A hen party isn’t complete without some element of traditional hen party fun.  We arrive at the venue with lovely looking guys and drag queen compere greeting us with a group photo and cocktail. 

Then the show commenced with what I can only explain as absolute hilarity from the drag queen and some real eye candy from delicious looking dancers putting on the show.  The evening was such fun with all 14 of us crying with laughter throughout out.  Our group were a mixture of party girls and sophisti-cats and all agreed it was a hilarious event for Nina’s hen party.  Especially when they got Nina on stage and she had to lap dance one of the dancers.  What I need to try and get across is Nina is an ex British Gymnastic Champion who still has more flexibility in her little finger than most of us have in our bodies, mix this up with she loves to dance…….she gave the dancer the time of his life….hilarious. Thank you all at Adonis Cabaret for your amazing hospitality and nights entertainment

Ninas Hen Party - Adonis

12.30am Off to our final venue of the night Tiger Tiger for some old skool tunes and dancing and bed beckoned somewhere around 4am [we think!].

So a truly amazing mixture of great friends, great events and a great hen party for my sister.  Thank you to all of the girls who made this a truly amazing hen party and thank you for all your lovely comments.  Hearing ‘this was without question the best hen party ever’ made it all worthwhile.

Thank you also Anna and Chloe our wonderful Party Planner and Organiser at UKGirlThing for your wonderful assistance in making Nina’s hen party in Leeds the best ever.

We have put together this entire package (Leeds Glamour & Cocktails Hen Party) so that you and your hens can also have as much fun as we did.  This is what the whole weekend would entail:

  • 1 or 2 Nights Accommodation
  • Glamour Puss Beauty Event
  • Private Party Room Hire & Beauty Treatments
  • Cocktail Making Experience with Meal
  • Adonis Cabaret Evening
  • Personal Party Planner & Personalised Payment Tracker

If you want to book this package for 1 Night click here and for 2 Nights click here.  Alternatively you can speak to our Party Planners on 0115 941 5282.

Larisa x

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