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Say 'I Do' to the right pair of shoes



When planning a wedding a few things come to mind; finding the perfect venue, organising the hen party, sampling at least five different cakes and trying on a zillion dresses, before deciding that the first one was perfect anyway. But something that often slips down the list of brides things to buy are the shoes, which in everyday life stick at the forefront of any woman's mind. 

Luckily for you the fabulous people at UKGirlThing are willing to walk a mile in your shoes, to bring you the best selection of fabulous footwear for the most magical day of your life (apart from when Robert Pattinson comes knocking)


Before you dismiss the idea of wearing flats to your wedding and possibly looking like Tom Cruise in your pictures; donning a cute pair of ballet pumps can take the stress out of teetering down the aisle in heels, and leaves you free to shake your money maker on the dance floor when the in laws have turned in for the night.

Picking the perfect pair:

We know that women are like magpies when it comes to all things shiny, but having a bling pair of ballet shoes can detract from the rest of your beautiful outfit, and may blind your guests in the process. We'd also avoid white, as they'll end up looking like you've been to Glastonbury before the day is out.

Peep toes

These beauties can be either flat or five inches high, and give you the perfect opportunity to paint those pretty toes with glitter, gloss and even the lucky grooms name. We are big fans of the strappy range, which remind us of Strictly Come Dancing, and look beautiful with any added sparkle.

Picking the perfect pair:

 There's nothing worse than a great looking pair of shoes that rub you up the wrong way, so make sure that they aren't too tight at the front, otherwise your night of dancing and waltzing around showing off that fabulous ring could be put to one side.

High heels

Now we're not talking sky scraping heels, unless you are planning a Big Fat Gypsy wedding, but if you do feel like walking tall on your wedding day then there are plenty of options. From wedges, platforms, stilettos and sling backs; each of these gives you he option to put your best foot forward and use that aisle as a runway.

Picking the perfect pair:

 We all wish we could saunter around in high heels a la Victoria Beckham, but let's be realistic. The last thing you want on your wedding day is to be hobbling around, only to topple face first on to your own wedding cake. So if you happen to fall in lust with a sky high pair, then practice walking, dancing and being fabulous in them.

Are you having a wedding shoe dilemma? Or have you found the perfect pair and want to share them with the world? Comment below and let us know what you think!

Kelly x

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