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Gorgeous Gift ideas for Bridesmaids

The run up to being a bride is hard work; wedding planning and all the decisions it comes along with is tiring work. And let’s face it you’ve snapped, you’ve moaned, you’ve cried and probably been a nightmare to be around at some points. Those who will feel this most are those that are closest to you. These are usually your nearest and dearest besties who are honoured to also be your bridesmaids. Your big day is creeping closer and it’s time to add another decision in the mix – what do you get the girls to say a big fat thank you for being so god damn amazing and putting up with your mood swings over the past year!? Well we have some perfect inspiration, covering every type of girl so you can be sure they will grasp your true and heart felt appreciation.


Hen nights usually mean some sort of themed attire – whether it be a personalised t-shirt or full on fancy dress. Our tip is to make these wearable in the future – don’t include too much about your or specifically your wedding within the words. You could include a fun phrase or hashtag which instantly puts a smile on your face and reminds you of the hen night.

Spending the night with your bridesmaids? Why not buy them some luxurious PJ’s or a silky dressing gown. This way you can start your theme the night before, with matching bed time attire – they will look amazing in your getting ready photos too.


Traditional. But it can still be very special. Keep it minimal by design, maybe personalise to each of the girls. A simple initial necklace or bracelet. Or even take it old school with interconnecting charms! Subtly hint at your wedding day with perhaps your wedding colour presented in gem stud earrings or a ring. Most importantly think how it would match with outfits – make it a wearable and usable part of their collection.


Personalisation is key here also – being a cheeky reminder of an awesome hen night as well as a beautiful wedding day. An engraved coat hanger with their name or decorated hot drinks mug or wine glass - something practical, yet beautiful. Maybe a photo frame or set complete with friendship pictures of the two of you – just remember to keep it tasteful and any photos lovely (rather than drunk and messy!).  

Pamper Kits

You may or may not have noticed but all the girly gatherings over the last year have all been about you! You yourself have been pampered and preened to within an inch of your life and now it’s time to make your bridesmaids feel super gorgeous and special. Buy gorgeous beauty or pamper kits, or even put them together yourself – let your girls have everything they need to be treated to a relaxing pamper night in.

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