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Hen Party Games to Break the Ice

hen party games to break the ice

Hen parties often mean a meeting of friends, family and maybe even colleagues. This means the hen party group can be made up of a variety of ages and well, people that just don’t know each other too well. This selection of hen party games are designed to break the ice and stop any unwanted awkwardness. Just get straight on in there with these hilarious hen party games that really get your hens talking. 

Celebrity Two Word Tango

Can you concentrate, drink and think?

How to play

All hens must sit in a circle.

The bride to be goes first and names a celebrity.

The person next to the bride to be then has to name a celebrity using the first letter of their last name in for example the bride to be might say “Alan Carr” then the next person might say “Adam Sandler” then the next “Sarah Jessica Parker” and so on.

There is only one rule to this game; no one can repeat the name of a celebrity.

If you fail to say a name of a celeb in a time agreed by the group then you have to forfeit by taking a shot / downing your drink. 

Who’s Embarrassing You?

A bit of friendly banter! Not for those who embarrass easy!

How to play

This is a perfect game for a relaxed bride to be. Let’s you reminisce over old photographs and share some fond memories together.

Prior to the hen weekend, ask the ladies to find an embarrassing photograph of the bride to be and bring it along with them.

Gather everyone together and get the pictures out. The bride to be then has to guess who’s embarrassed her? That is, who out of the hens chose which photograph?  

If she guesses correctly then the person who embarrassed her has to forfeit, however if she guesses incorrectly then she has to forfeit herself. Dares, drinks, truths are all reasonable forfeits here.

Who Am I?

A family classic can work for a hen party too!

You will need


Post it notes

How to play

Have everyone sit around a table.

Each person must write a name on a post it note.

The person must be famous, well-known or a character, for example: Miley Cyrus or Simon Cowell.  It cannot be a relative or an old school friend.

Place the notes on the table facing down and get one person to shuffle them and place them in a pile in the middle of the table. 

Each person then picks up one post it note (without looking at it) and sticks it to their forehead so everyone can see the name on the note.

Choose a person to start the game. This person asks the group a “yes or no” question to try guess who is on their post it note.

This continues around the table until someone guesses who the person on their card is. 

Make a Man

Let’s get creative!

You will need

Modelling Clay or plasticine



Hat or container

How to play

Get the same amount of paper sheets as people in the group. Each sheet has a different part of the body written on it

Each person then pick a piece of paper out of the hat.

They then have 5 minutes to model that specific body part in clay or plasticine.

At the end of the 5 minutes, the bride to be then pieces the man together.

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