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Newcastle Hen do: 10 Things I Wish I'd known Earlier

Newcastle Hen Do 10 things i wish i knew earlier
So you have booked your hen do in Newcastle or thinking of going there. First of all, a big congratulations! You have picked an amazing city! I have a lot of love for Newcastle, from shopping to the friendly people that live there, you are in for a treat. Here are my top 10 things I wish I’d known earlier. 
Newcastle Hen Do 10 things i wish i knew earlier osborne road

Osborne Road

You too might be an avid fan of Geordie shore and secretly hoping to bump into Charlotte or Gaz on your hen night out. So it turns out on this stretch of lovely pubs and bars is where to go for the chance of your dreams coming true.  Pop to Osbornes if you fancy sitting and enjoying their Sheesha Garden with a cocktail or two. Osborne road spoils you with bars and clubs to visit on this strip! It is a little outside the city centre. A taxi will be needed, they are rather cheap up north so don’t let it deter you.  Osborne Road is up and coming, attracting a similar crowd to the Quayside area. So dress to impress and don’t worry ladies you will be in for a treat. 

Newcastle Hen Do 10 things i wish i knew earlier Metrocentre


Are you a shopaholic and up for a challenge? Try and visit every shop in the Metrocentre! It’s the largest shopping and leisure centre in Europe. If you can shop ‘till you drop this is a little slice of heaven you don’t want to miss! There’s a bountiful amount of shops with so much to do and see. If you find your feet are getting sore and your arms need a break from carrying so many bags, pop over to the cinema with your bride tribe! Don’t worry about how long your there or paying for parking, it’s Free! 

Newcastle Hen Do 10 things i wish i knew earlier baltic beamish


So whilst your bride tribe are looking for the hen night of your life, don’t forget the day time can be filled with a little more than just being hungover. Pop to the Baltic for some contemporary art. Now I know this could be the 7th circle of hell for a lot of people.  The Baltic isn’t like a lot of galleries,


  • It’s contemporary, so embrace the weird and the wonderful art exhibitions.
  • They have a glass lift so you can enjoy the sights of Newcastle as you travel between levels or even pop to the viewing gallery to take in the spectacular views of Newcastle.
  • They have the ‘Baltic kitchen’ a place to top up on food and drink, or if you fancy dining in Six and enjoying the panoramic views the Baltic has to offer.
  • There often events on that are interactive and fun

If art galleries doesn’t tickle your taste buds but you are still hungry for some culture pop to Beamish. It’s a living museum! Walk around the cobbled streets and see first-hand what everyday life has been like in the North East over the 1820-1940’s. They have everything from sweet shops, Farm houses and even a colliery! It is not your average museum that’s for sure!


Newcastle Hen Do 10 things i wish i knew earlier The gate

The Gate

Don’t you hate it when you’re looking forward to a BNO (Big Night Out) with your gal pals and the heavens above just opens up? No one wants to turn up to the clubs looking like a drowned rat, nor does anyone want to be restricted to one place on a night out. Don’t you lucky hens worry, Newcastle has you covered! Imagine a shopping centre full of clubs, take the escalator from one club to another. From Tiger Tiger to players there is something for everyone. So if Mother Nature is trying to rain on your parade head to the Gate!

Newcastle Hen Do 10 things i wish i knew earlier The Beach

The Beach

So it turns out there’s two nice beaches in Newcastle! There’s the Long Sands Beach and Sandhaven Beach! Sandhaven Beach has a waterfront funfair which is open Friday-Sunday weather dependent.  They cover the classic rides we all love such as the Waltzers and Dodgems to the more extreme ride like AtmosFear and Dreams Live! If they don’t satisfy you, then there is also a Laser Quest, Bowling and an Arcade. From jumping waves with your bride tribe, a challenge of the bravest at the fun fair to a few light bites in The Rattler, a restaurant that looks like a railway train! It is well worth a trip to the beach on your Newcastle hen do. 

Newcastle Hen Do 10 things i wish i knew earlier windy

The Wind

I am always surprised by the weather difference up North, it’s always windy. Which on hot summer days it’s the perfect weather, but consider taking a hair tie or two to stop the chances of tangles. In winter the wind has a real chill to it. So depending on when you’re going pack accordingly. Another thing to consider is that the wind will make your hair go greasy a lot quicker, so it’s worth taking the handbag miracle that is dry shampoo! 

Newcastle Hen Do 10 things i wish i knew earlier food

Savaloy Dip

Whilst this sounds like a strange condiment for sipping your chips in, it’s actually a hot dog Newcastle style. A savaloy is a smoked red sausage not dissimilar to a frankfurter. The Dip part is made from split peas that is mashed into a spreadable paste called Pease Pudding. This is all compiled together with stuffing and mustard too. It looks much like a hot dog but tastes sensational. So embrace your inner Geordie and give this traditional Newcastle delight.

Newcastle Hen Do 10 things i wish i knew earlier cheap and cheerful


So if you are used to London prices you are in for a treat on your Newcastle Hen do! Here you could spend as little as £20 for 2 x two course meal with 2 beverages each! Colman’s Fish and chips are legendary amongst the home grown sandancers! Or if you’re in the mood for some authentic Turkish street food head to Fez Food!  Taxis are cheap, so don’t worry if there are lots of places you want to visit. They also have the Metro, the Newcastle train system. It’s quick, efficient and inexpensive too! Perfect for saving those pennies to spend on more prosecco later! 

Newcastle Hen Do 10 things i wish i knew earlier geordies

Geordies, Mackems and Sandancers 

If you think everyone from Newcastle is a Geordie you are mistaken. Spend an evening amongst the locals and they will be sure to point out all the differences and even make a few playful jibes at each other.


So what is the difference?

  • A Mackem is someone from Sunderland.
  • A Sandancer is someone from South Shields.
  • A Geordie is someone from Newcastle.
Newcastle Hen Do 10 things i wish i knew earlier local lingo

Local Lingo 

As a southerner I found the accent hard to understand at first, more so as they talk so quickly. Just in case that wasn’t enough to keep us on our toes, they also have some sayings that you are unlikely to have heard outside of Newcastle or on Geordie shore. We all have heard a few classic phrases such as wey aye, man! But here are a few more you might come across on your hen night!

  • Radgie – in a mood, got your grump on
  • Howay man – it’s used a bit like oh my god! So it can be good or bad.
  • Scran – food.
  • Tab – cigarette
  • Canny – good
  • Kid- younger sibling
  • Mortal – blind drunk
Newcastle Hen party 10 things i wish i knew earlier


I hope you enjoy your Newcastle hen do, it really is an amazing city with so much to offer! Please comment and share your top 10 things you wish you knew before going to Newcastle.

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