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Nottingham’s current hen party trends

nottingham's current hen party trends

If you have been tasked with planning a hen party and thinking of heading to Nottingham, you are on to a winner! Nottingham has so much to offer with boating lakes, batman’s house, the theatre royal and we haven’t even mentioned the variety of night clubs, pubs and lounges. There’s something magical about Nottingham, its creative unique and has something for everyone’s tastes. Nottingham is one of our most popular hen party cities and for good reason!



If you too like to keep up to date with the current trends then why should your Nottingham hen party be any different? Here are this month’s trending activities:

nottingham's current hen party trends pamper me

Pamper Me

Spoil the hen party with some R&R to recharge, not only juggling wedding planning and fittings but also a hen party? I think it’s only fair that they get to spend some quality time together with the girls. This is the perfect time to bond with all your special ladies before the big day.


nottingham's current hen party trends spakle


Whether you choose to have a BNO (Big Night Out) or a BNI (Big Night In) there is no better way to soothe your soul than with a Spa-kle day. Indulge your bride tribe with a spa treatment, relieve those stresses and strains to find your inner serenity. This is ideal for B2B’s that are stressing out over the big day. After all the hen party is all about the bride to be to put her needs first. 

nottingham's current hen party trends cocktail making

Cocktail Making

Do you like Pina colada, and getting drunk in the rain? Well if not I’m sure there is a cocktail that will sweeten those taste buds, and make the rain feel like confetti from the sky. Cocktail making masterclass is perfect for breaking the ice with a group who aren’t familiar with each other, as well as getting everyone in the hen party spirit. Whilst learning about your fellow hens you will also learn to shake, muddle and stir.
nottingham's current hen party trends river cruise

River Cruise

If you’re looking for a big night out with a difference then what better way than on a river cruise? Gather the girls, find the rum and set sail on your Nottingham hen party.  You may just find out what you can do with a drunken sailor after all! Come on ladies let’s get ship faced!
nottingham's current hen party trends afternoon tea

Afternoon Tea

What could be classier than a quintessentially British afternoon tea with the ladies! Perfect for groups with a wide range of ages and any group size. It allows your bride tribe get to know each other over sweet delights and sets a high tone for the rest of your hen weekend in Nottingham. 

Hints and tips

Every city is different and Nottingham is not alone with its own unique quirks and culture. Here are our top hints and tips to make sure your Nottingham hen party runs as smoothly as possible.


  • Cob – There is no such thing as a butty, teacake, bap, or roll here. A humble bread roll is called a cob.
  • Ey up mi duck – Essentially this means hello love.
  • T’ – Or more so the lack of the word ‘The’ for example people will say ‘going T’ pub’ and it’s perfectly normal and expectable.
  • Sen – I got this for my sen, this means for myself. It’s just an odd one but just go with it.
  • Code – Simply means cold.
  • Mardy – Just means grumpy.
  • Taaaaan – town, where everything is happening. 
nottingham's current hen party trends locations

Key Locations

Something I have found is that Nottingham has a habit of pronouncing places differently, but don’t worry taxis will still know where you are heading. Belvoir is said beaver and Nuthall is not said Nut-hall but Nuttle.

  • Hockley – Creative, quirky with independent shops, clubs and great food!
  • Lace Market – Lively bars and cocktail lounges. The home of Annie’s Burger shack, this is a hangover must!
  • Old Market Square – The centre of town, often buses and trams will stop here.
  • Victoria Centre – A big shopping centre that also has food places.
  • Corner house- Here there’s ample bars and restaurants as well as Curious Manor & Turtle Bay, great places for cocktails. Perfect to start a bar crawl! 


As you can see Nottingham has so much to offer. If you wanted to see even more please check out our city guide and our latest blog on Nottingham. There is so much to love about Nottingham, one of them will be your hen party weekend! 

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