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What's trending on a Cambridge hen party

Cambridge hen party trends

If you ever wanted to feel like you were in Harry potter, wondering the Hogwarts grounds or Diagon alley then Cambridge is the hen city for you. Stroll around the market square and explore the backs. Wonder down cobbled streets with independent shops amongst our favourites, high streets have never looked so beautiful. This is the best city to just walk and explore. You will see some spectacular views no matter where you end up. If sightseeing doesn’t tickle your pickle, don’t worry there’s 3 shopping centres in the heart of the city with even more just slightly further out. There’s the junction and the corn exchange for live music lovers, the arts theatre if you are in the mood for a show and kettles yard for some contemporary art. You can see why our hens are loving Cambridge so much! There’s truly something for everyone tastes. 


Cambridge is one of our most popular hen party cities. If you like to keep an eye on what’s trending and staying in the know, why should your hen party be any different? Here are our top 5 trending activities our Cambridge hens are choosing! What will you pick for your perfect Cambridge hen party?

Cambridge punting hen party


You can’t go to Cambridge and not experience punting. After all you wouldn’t go to Venice and not go on a gondola. It may seem a little strange and you may be asking why is there so much buzz around something that is essentially a boat and a stick. Just wait until you give it a try, sometimes the simplest of things are the most fun. What better way to see the sights than sitting back, relaxing with your hens on your very own punt. 

Cambridge cocktail making hen party

Cocktail Making

This is a great way to break the ice with your bride tribe whilst fully getting in the hen party spirit. Learn how to make your favourite cocktail so you can re-create it again when you have the girls over. Get behind the bar and become a cocktail expert. The games break up any awkward vibes of people getting to know each other and really gets the laughter flowing.  

Cambridge Bollywood dancing hen party

Bollywood Dancing

Bop away to Bollywood and Bhangra beats with your ladies. This is a great activity as you are not restricted by group size or ability and guaranteed to get everyone smiling and have a routine that can feature again on the big day.  

Cambridge nude life drawing hen do

Nude Life Drawing

It’s not every day you get such an eye full, which is tastefully cheeky! Create works of art or at least look at one throughout the class. Pretend your Jack drawing Rose like one if his French girls and see what you can create. 

Cambridge after dark hen do

After Dark

When the lights go down that’s when the fun really starts happening. Under the cover of night we let our hair down and what better way than with our After Dark package. With a meal included to ensure no girl is being sent home before the club opens. Remember eating is not cheating. Then off to a handpicked club of choice to dance the night away. This is a great choice for your Cambridge hen party as it help with budgeting and keeping costs as clear as possible. 

Cambridge hen weekend top tips

Top tips for a night out in Cambridge

Here is our top 5 tips to make sure your Cambridge hen party is a hit with all the hens.

  1. Trailer of life – Head to the market square and find the trailer of life. It will be the only trailer there and with a queue. Get yourself some food before the taxi ride back. They cater for exactly what we need in those twilight hours to bring us back to life.
  2. Taxi ranks – There’s 3 main ones over the city the most popular being just down the road from the market square. There is no que jumping, Cambridge is a stickler for queuing even when drunk.
  3. Revolutions in Cambridge is the best! I am yet to find one as good as this one. The ground floor is a chilled cocktail lounge, head a floor up and you are in a club with a dance floor and booths, next level outdoor smoking area with heating, seats and a bar! One more level for cheesy hits to dance the night away. There’s lots of stairs ladies so where heels you won’t go head over heels in.
  4. Speaking of shoes, Cambridge nightlife has a dress code. Trainers are a no go, as much as we love them the bouncers have a dress code to stick to and it will limit which places let you in. Dress for a night out, pumps, shoes, heels just leave the gym wear at home.
  5. Taxis are expensive, almost London prices. So download your Uber app and save yourself a pretty penny. 

Things you will hear around Cambridge

There’s not that much slang in Cambridge. You can spot a local for their pronunciation and accent more than the words they choose. Being so close to London and on the border of Essex, it’s easy to hear those influences here. However here are a few things you might hear around Cambridge:

  1. Penny – No not big bang theory or even the girls name, but the drinking game. If someone puts a penny in your drink it means you have to down it without hesitating. Just don’t swallow the coin, think of it as the 3 second rule but on your drink.

  2. Jesus Green & Parkers Peace – These aren’t religious retreats! These are two large park areas in town that are used to navigate your ways over Cambridge or a great place to stop, sit and soak in the sun.
  3. The Bridge/ The Shire – Simply a way of saying Cambridge or Cambridgeshire. Either way it’s more country bumpkin than made in Chelsea.
  4. Barry boy racer – A term used to describe the young male racers that are often congregated around McDonald’s car park. 
  5. Hills & long – There are no literal hills in Cambridge it’s as flat as a pancake, hoorah! Hills & Long refer to the two main local colleges that most students attend. 


If you haven’t been to Cambridge yet, don’t hesitate to go! It one of those cities that has plenty to do both day and night and caters for everyone. It hasn’t earnt its place in our hens’ heart for no reason. What will you be getting up to on your Cambridge hen do?

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