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Incredible and unique Geek hen party ideas Part 1

geek hen party ideas
So you are on the hunt for some geek hen party ideas?  Keep stumbling over the same generic girl with glasses and freckles? Don’t worry we have you covered with some original and true geek hen party ideas. So if your bride to be love Games of Thrones, Star Wars or Harry Potter you are in luck. 
game of thrones hen party

Game of Thrones

Does your Bride to be always happen to busy every Monday evening around 9 pm? Has she been saying ‘winter is coming' when it's only August? Perhaps even been asking for a dragon egg as a wedding gift but she’s realistic so will settle for a Direwolf? I think it's safe to say she’s more than a little obsessed with Game of Thrones. What better way to let her inner geek take pride of place than on her hen party? So here’s some kick ass Game of Thrones hen party ideas to ensure a happy bride to be and we all avoid ending up on any hit lists!


Choosing who to invite can be a little tricky, but at least you aren’t dealing with the Lannister family. Best to establish what type of hen party it will be, and if the bride to be wants friends and family mixed or perhaps two separate hen parties? Either way what better theme than the Game of Thrones? We promise it won’t be cringy or like Ed Sheeran’s feature episode!


Book out a local theatre for your own personal showing of Game of Thrones, select her favourite episodes or even deprive her of the latest ones (if you're brave enough)! Then watch them on her hen night. Play a GOT's drinking game whilst watching an episode or ten, sipping on the Promised Prince cocktail or the Rogue Dove cocktail! Go GOT crazy and even make some beheaded Ned Stark Cake pops and a Faux Pigeon Pie. I wonder who will be the first to take a bite! Recipes and drinking game rules can be found here.


We all wish we could be Daenerys; The Unburnt, Stormborn, First of Her Name, Queen of Meereen, Queen of the Andals and the First Men, Khaleesi of the Great Grass Sea, Breaker of Chains and Mother of Dragons. Perhaps without so many titles but we would happily have her badass dragons. So make a chocolate dragon egg for each of the girls you never know one might just hatch after all! 


If Daenerys didn’t win your heart then Arya surely must have done. Amazed she is still alive and made it to season 7 with some of her very questionable decisions. She has stayed true to her mission of revenging her loved ones with her hit list. Her brutal training with the faceless men and temporary blindness give her some badass skills that were much needed so she is no longer the vulnerable girl she was in season 1. Start your own training with a Bushcraft experience and work your way up to some shooting and weapon training to avoid some more main character deaths.

We love Game of Thrones for always keeping us on our toes, even if you have read the books those extra characters keep us all on edge. With so many plot twists and sub plots, we can never tell who will be captured or killed next. If you too want to see how you would fare if captured try our Escape Games. Will you escape, can you use your smarts for good or are you’re an evil genius like Cersei?  Or will you remain locked away like Tyrion in need of a classic breakout? 

One thing that cannot be missed is the consumption of wine. Drinking wine is the only thing that happens more than the killing off main characters. So this cannot be neglected, so gather your chalices and goblets and start toasting. Don’t worry about how you may feel tomorrow just called upon Melisandre, she worked her magic to bring back Jon Snow after all.

star wars hen party

Star wars

Gather your storm troopers, ladies it's time to plan a hen party invasion! Whether she's part of the rebellion or she has turned to the dark side here are some star wars hen party ideas that will be sure to awaken the force in her.


No matter which planet will she heading to or even a galaxy far far away. Keep her entertained on her voyage with some of the most brilliantly weird star wars fan fiction we have found! She will never look at Han solo the same way again! 


A battle always seems to be on the horizon so channel your inner Jyn, Leia or Rey and fight like these badass girls at Laser tag. Or perhaps you have always wondered if you could handle a Landspeeder better than Luke Skywalker? So take the wheel and drift and glide around a track to see who has the fastest speed and best handling on a hovercraft!


We all know at the beginning of the night we set out looking like Princess Leia but by the end, we are a little more Chewbacca. Set the night off right with both food and drinks to keep everyone powered up for the night ahead. Let's not miss an opportunity here, let's make some R2D2 punch and a Yoda hot mint white chocolate cocktails! Annihilate some death star pizzas with your bride tribe as you play the classic star wars drinking game.


If she is a diehard fan and often off to comic con, then it's time to get creative with your costumes! Get the whole gang together Han Solo, Skywalker, Leia, Yoda, R2D2, C3PO, Chewie, Anakin, Jyn, Padme and Rey. Maybe even some storm troopers, Ewoks or even a Darth Vader. There are so many characters to choose between with this much-loved franchise that has spanned over 3 decades. You never know there might even be a Jar Jar Binks!

harry potter hen party

Harry Potter

‘It does not do to dwell on dreams and forget to Live' so let's make our bride-to-be's dreams come to life! Let's give her the Harry Potter hen party of her dreams. 


Where better place to start than with the invitation. We all wished we received that letter through the front door telling us we are off to that magical world where there are new wonders and adventure awaiting us. So get creating, tea staining and finish it off with that ruby red wax seal. 


Have your guests take a trip to Olivanders and let the wand choose their wizards. You can create the wands from some sticks, glue gun and brown spray paint, it doesn't have to cost a lot to achieve an amazing wand. Perfect addition to any hen party gift bag! Check out our Harry Potter Pinterest board for more of these quirky DIY hacks to get your party fully themed and up to scratch. 


Time for some food! I know you might be thinking of the great hall for a banquet with floating candles and a starry night above you. But how about some Butterbeer and Mandrake cupcakes? Just don't forget to don your earmuffs! Have your very own gold snitches made out of Ferrero Rocher with simple white paper wings. 


Off to potions class or maybe a Cocktail Class? Once you have mastered how to shake, muddle and stir how about you then create some Harry Potter cocktails or even play Quidditch pong. Then let off some steam with a dementor piñata. Let's go all out to celebrate her impending transformation class from Muggle to Mrs!

Take part in a treasure hunt, finding and solving clues around the city. You never know you might stumble upon another Horcrux! 


Take the official sorting hat quiz to see which house you belong to, perhaps this will determine your costume. Just let that inner Harry Potter geek be unleashed and have a hen party to make any Potterhead proud!


Whichever theme suits your bride-to-be just don’t hold back on going all out for it. The more you put in, the more kickass it will be. Bring reality to a world beyond ours and put a huge smile on her face. If we haven’t yet covered the geek theme you are after check out our part 2 with Lord of the Rings, Marvel and DC superheroes and The Walking Dead. If there is a geek theme we haven’t covered and you want some ideas and inspiration sure let us know in the comments below. 


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